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  1. [Europe] (Official) Specific Issues

    my under-19 national team has not taken part in any official international comps for 7years now, just plays friendlys why is that? the official comps are okay and go as normal just my teams takes no part in it. (qualifying phase) they did take part till 2020 after never again. my save game is already in your program its called san marino.
  2. The unrealism with just 2 3 seasons in is absolutely ridiculous in Portugal, in terms of tables and transfers... But this has been going on for a few years now, so i hope you revamp your team designed to give you info on Portugal bcs right now its pretty bad. Please see for yourselfs what goes on in Portugal, and if your scouts do their job properly, bcs i dont believe they do.
  3. lol and at the end of the season they blame me for selling him for too little money.... wth?
  4. fabrizio francioni 16yold st
  5. its called san marino and was uploaded at the time of this comment
  6. the game crashes if you try to change the role of the lw in the "quick menu" where you can still see the pitch behind it. happened 3 times now always the lw position..
  7. So if my club is 20k in the red and by the end of the season is expected to be at 50k in the black.. WHAT SENSE DOES IT MAKE TO SELL OUR BEAST YOUNGSTER FOR 1.8K... 1.8K......... WHY?? so freaking stupid.... and dont say that the 40%fee on the next transfer is worth it....
  8. calendar scew up

    so.... whats up with this? any news?
  9. calendar scew up

    its called san marino v2
  10. calendar scew up

  11. calendar scew up

    so with the new update the calendar page got very bad... seasons are now by calendar year not by you know seasons.. this in europe not america... and the number of attendance is not showing aswell.. when will it be fixed? and will saves be able to have this fix or do i have to start new ones?