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  1. Well, yes, but all those things can also be achieved by playing matches on a tour.
  2. Is there any sort of benefit to doing anything other than tours? I really can't see the point in just doing "Multiple friendly matches" because you don't get as much revenue?
  3. I think perhaps I need to go on more pre season tours of England to build a fan base! Most my shirts sold are from abroad.
  4. Poole. A new stadium was built in my first season because of safety rules or something like that, only now has the 20 years passed so I can try and bug the board to build one. We tried expanding the stadium but the council didn't allow permission and so the option has never come up again.
  5. Okay. The option is there, but they keep saying "Oooh we can't do it without a sizeable increase in fan base" our current stadium is 12k. We're the highest rated club in the world. Our average attendance is 100%. What more do these people want?!?!
  6. Yeah just read something about that, someone else said 25. So guess I'm waiting!
  7. Are they even really that useful? Considering matches are taken charge by the managers of those teams. Or is it a gap you can leave unfilled to save some money?
  8. Does anyone know when I will be able to ask the board to build a new stadium? They tried to expand it some years ago but were unable to and our average attendance is 100% of the stadium capacity. Is it just random?
  9. Hello, I am now in the 2034/35 season and am the highest ranked club in the world. However, despite this, I seem to be unable to get big MLS clubs to do pre season friendlies with me. When is a good time of the year to go and tour America?
  10. Without setting it to "indefinitely" or having to keep returning
  11. Does anyone know what all the tiers are? Different sites say different things.
  12. It was the 4-3-3 goal machine one. It's a lot of fun that one.
  13. Do young players grow in height as they get older?
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