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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I hope you enjoy the Pixelbook and FMT! I've found it can crash every now and again, but generally it works well and it's nice to have there when I want a quicker FM experience
  2. Just to answer the post above first... I am assigned to do OIs, not my coaches. And I am on the correct screen in match. If what you're saying is correct, literally the only thing I can think of is that I play with the text and image setting as "zoomed in" and that it has eliminated the option to switch to "position" when in match, because I see no option to switch to "position" when on the OI screen in a match. I wil have to give it a try when I am next on FM because the zoomed in option sometimes does get rid of things it can't fit on the screen. Its the only thing I can think of qhich could be why I aren't seeing the option to switch to "position" when I get into a match.
  3. Ah I'm still in the Championship, I thought it was possible in any League. Apologies
  4. Well what are you doing to achieve that? Because when I'm not in a game, I go to the opposition instructions tab and set it all up on the "positions" tab. Then when I get into the match and go to opposition instructions, it is as if nothing has been set
  5. I know you can do that, but when you set for example every position to press always, it doesn't automatically assign to the opposition when you get into a match. You always have to set all your OIs up again
  6. Is it just me that gets quite frustrated with opposition instructions in every iteration of the game? Somebody please correct me if I am wrong on this and I hope I am wrong, but I don't understand why it isn't possible to set up opposition instructions in the tactics section for specific positions and then have it automatically apply in game to the opponent. it just makes it so much easier to click the apply assistance advice button and just forget about them because it is a pain having to apply the instructions in every game, especially when you use a lot. I just don't see the point in having the opposition instructions menu there outside of the game when it doesn't transfer into a match. And on a side note the colouring of the opposition instructions is so faint that at times it is very difficult to tell between the green and amber without turning the brightness of the PC right up. As I said I hope I am wrong about opposition instructions and just completely missing the option, but on every version of the game I have played it has been the same.
  7. I am managing Leeds and I can't identify any player as a top target regardless of country, division and team. The option is unselectable. The transfer window is enabled and I am able to declare interest for transfer or loan, but never able to declare player as top target
  8. The only piece of feedback I have at the moment is that pretty much the only remaining improvement to the dark skin is the menu when you select training sessions... A lot of white!
  9. I know the topic says iOS but I'm gonna comment from an Android point of view and more specifically from a Chromebook point of view, because for the first time FMT is working on my Pixelbook which runs Android apps! The first few launches it crashed but from then on it has run smoothly and quickly. Really happy with this!
  10. I am in the process of doing what you suggested now but I wanted to ask if after we reset the routine to default would you recommend creating our routine again or loading what we had saved? Because I saved on my routines and I have just reset a corner routine to default and then loaded my routine and all of the players aren't where they should be. Also I think the default set pieces aren't right either. My first tactic I pressed reset to default and it left one of my centre backs staying back and my wingers attacking the far and near post. And on my second tactic when I press the reset to default it set both of my centre backs to stay back and again the wingers were on the far and near post. Both tactic Suzi back 4
  11. Is there a way to listen again to the interview?
  12. I will start off by saying that I had a quick flick down the page and couldn't find anything specifically relating to this issue, I saw things about set pieces but not this specifically, but if I have missed it I apologise. A few days ago I set all my set piece instructions and set piece takers for multiple tactics, however when I checked on it the day after most of my set piece takers had been removed and players in every routine of every set piece had moved from where I had positioned them, for example on corners my centre-backs was suddenly set to stay back and instead my full backs have been set to go forward and my striker was set to stay on the edge of the area even though when I set it up a different player was doing that role. I sorted out all my set pieces and takers again today but just two hours later I have come back to the game and checked on it and the same thing has happened with pretty much all of my set pieces. and on this occasion every set piece taker has disappeared instead of just some of them. And just a word on the positioning of the player icons on the set piece creator when using the text and image size setting "zoomed in"... The positioning of some of the icons is all wrong, for example when a player is set to sit on the edge of the area his icon is shown halfway inside it. There are other examples too. Sorry if these issues has already been reported and I will provide more information if necessary
  13. I've noticed on the set pieces section today that all the positioning / roles of my players are suddenly muddled up from what I had set a couple days earlier. For example I went into my wide attacking free kicks and my centre-backs were suddenly set to stay back, even though I had set up the routine previously and their roles were offensive ones. There are more instances like this such as my striker all of a sudden being set to lurkin on the edge of the area when I previously didn't have that as an instruction for him on any set piece. I do use quick pic occasionally for my team selection but as far as I am aware it doesn't affect this kind of stuff. Furthermore, I play with the zoomed in setting instead of standard and on the set pieces screen some of the players on the diagram aren't anywhere near where they should be, for example players set to lurk outside the area are shown almost halfway inside it and in a few set pieces, primarily free kicks, the "taker" isn't where he should be, it looks quite messy, it wasn't an issue before I switched to zoomed in today. Hopefully this is helpful and these things can be worked on in due course
  14. Really enjoying the game so far, and the improvements to the dark skin only furthered that enjoyment the other day! I've mainly been scouting for players during the beta and getting all my tactics and stuff decided for my main save so I can hit the groud running (hopefully). That might not sound like much but I'm a low sighted player so it takes a while. I just have a few things I've noticed and points I would like to raise... 1. I noticed yesterday that in the set piece takers section, there were names of random staff members from all around the world listed there when I first entered the menu, which was so random. These staff members ranged from the Serbia manager to the assistant manager of Trammere which, considering I'm in charge of Leeds, was weird. 2. I have the colour setting for attributes of 15+ to be in a reddish colour, but I've noticed occasionally that I won't even be able to see one of the numbers, or it'll be significantly darker than what it should be and barely visible. 3. I was a little surprised that Kalvin Phillips' potential ability shows that hewon't grow any more. His current and potential ability both show "very good" which was a little odd considering he is only 22 and started the irl season in the best form he has ever been in. I've tested it with all my coaches' opinions and scouted him as Real Madrid and it is all the same. 4. The improvements to the dark skin are great, but I think it still needs to go further. I don't know if I'm speaking for everyone when I say this, but I use the dark skin because I want as little bright colour as possible. I want a skin where the backgroud is always dark with light text. The top of the player profile screen is one of the areas for improvement in the dark skin in m opinion.
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