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  1. RossJM12

    Opposition instructions

    It was exactly the same on FM17 too, I would be surprised if they didn't already know about it.
  2. RossJM12

    Opposition instructions

    I've wondered this in all my 18 months of playing FM. Its always been something that's bugged me because it makes no sense why your preset instructions don't transit into the match day onto the opposition team. I really wish it did because I'm using a tactic at the moment that is heavily reliant on the OIs and having to manually set them every time is very time consuming.
  3. In terms of the types of goals seen, I do get quite a bit in variation in the types of goals I score and the assists leading to them. However when it comes to goals I concede, it feels like every single one involves a cross, whether the cross be the assist or just an event leading to the goal. It does get frustrating, but I'm hopeful that in years to come it will improve. I think people forget sometimes that the game can't just become perfect overnight, thing will take years to gradually improve.
  4. I certainly miss having the individual news items for each report. I also miss the match reports on a player when you asign a scout to watch them. It's strange that you still get those reports for one of your players out on loan, but not for other team's players that you are scouting. I also miss getting the agent notifications in my inbox, it was a much easier way for it to work than the scouting centre. I don't mind the added features to scouting in this years game, like budgets, focuses, packages etc, just the way we view the reports.
  5. Defensive winger in AML and AMR would be nice. Having less default player instructions on the Wing Back and Complete Wing Back roles would be great. For example I would like a Complete Wing Back on the attack duty, without the Cross More Often and Cross From Byline instructions, I want a wWing Back who bombs forward but doesn't cross every two seconds. I would like either a tweak to the Defensive Forward roll or a new role altogether for strikers that would make them go into the wide areas to defend when the team is defending. And finally I would like a more defensively minded AMC role. For example one that drops back to be part of the midfield or even the defensive midfield. Or one that is simply called a bob to Box attacking midfielder.
  6. Funnily enough this is a question I have wondered in the past, it is interesting to see people's opinions on it. I've only used it for the odd game here and there so I can't really give an opinion on it with much certainty. But it is a formation I like the sound of trying out if I have the right players.
  7. RossJM12

    Two Reports on Next Opposition

    You're very lucky to be getting two reports, because at the moment I'm getting NONE and I don't know why!!! I didn't change anything in my assignments that could've caused it to happen, I just noticed that in the run up to the first, and then the second, games of the season I wasn't receiving a report on my next opponant. After not getting one before the first game, I checked my assignments and the Scouting Next Opposition Ongoing assignment wasn't there, I therefore set it up again, and after clicking "Start assignment" it still hadn't appeared and I consequently didn't get a report on my next opponent! I'm gonna blame it on this issue that we (Leeds) had to beat Rotherham on penalties in the cup after ET, rather than my poor team selection Anyone else experienced this?
  8. I've wondered this many times too and have tried to do it. I would like to be able to set opposition instructions for certain positions and have it automatically applied to my next opponent. It must be possible somehow
  9. I've only read a few of the posts on this topic and it is all very interesting reading. I do think it is much harder to create the defensive behaviour you want from your team, as a pose to the attacking behaviour. Things such as pressing and defensive movement of players can for sure be improved upon (I speak as someone who does like using closing down instructions and roles). I'm only in my second year of Fm so in comparison to most people here I am relatively inexperienced. One thing I have been doing an awful lot this year in the defensive phase of play is the mark specific position / player instruction on the individual player instructions screen. I've used it predominantly with wide midfielders (ML, MR, AML and AMR)Most often I've used it when using the Winger role on the Attack duty, so that I can get the best of the role offensively while getting additional defensive work that the Winger on Attack doesn't normally do. It is very satisfying to see my attacking AML slide tackling the opposition full back who has bombed forward toward the byline. Using the instruction has frequently resulted in my wingers completely marking opponents out of the game, which is very helpful especially when playing against teams that use attacking full backs and focus on the wide men. I've used the instruction a couple of times with my striker (s) and attacking midfielder (s), to get them to mark opposition centre backs or defensive midfielders, but it doesn't seem to quite have the same effect, but I've put that down to the lesser work rate and quickness the players in those positions have when compared with my wingers. I'm using Leeds, just in case anyone is wondering.
  10. RossJM12

    Change Ball Colour

    The ball is very difficult to see at times indeed! I'm a sight impaired player and this year it is much more of an issue to me than last year because it is no longer possible to make the ball contrast the pitch more by using graphics filters. The only thing I've tried that seems to work (though I don't know if it is in my head) is lowering the graphics quality from High to Medium. Don't know why but that helped me
  11. It saddens me to read about people having to stop playing FM because of sight loss. Even more so considering I'm registered as severely sight impaired and can sympathise with those struggling to play the game and I can imagine the disappointment of those who having to stop playing it. Thankfully, the condition I have is static at the moment but will get worse with age of course (like anybody's vision does) and I would be distraught if I had to stop playing FM because of my sight loss. At 21, I have a lot of FM years in front of me I hope, but I'm still passionate about making things more accessible for people with sight loss of any severity, for those older who have to stop playing and for the future players who will discover the game in years to come. My condition is Cone-rod Dystrophy and it pretty much effects all aspects of my vision, but I struggle most with things like brightness, detail, reading and recognising things, to name a few (there are many more, like I say pretty much every aspect of vision is a struggle). So I think I can give good feedback on how FM could be made more accessible for sight impaired players, particularly while in a match. I know feature suggestions are supposed to be in the dedicated thread, but I'm posting this here because it is a topic I'm passionate about and I've likely missed the deadline for feature suggestions for FM 19 so I'll hold fire on posting in that thread until FM 20 is in the works. In no particular order, I have a few little things that would greatly improve the experience for me and I hope others... 1. One of the most disappointing things about this year's game was the omission of graphics filters and the environmental edit options. As a sight impaired user, one of the best things about FM in my opinion was that I could toggle things like whether I could see weather effects, the sky, or the stadium and that I could select a filter which made the pitch, players and ball easier to see. I always used one of the high contrast filters or one of the dark filters. These options were fantastic and I'm sure many sight impaired users appreciated them a great deal, I certainly did! 2. The ball NEEDS to stand out more. It is something players with normal sight have even complained about, so I can imagine it is much worse for the players who can't see very well, it is an issue for me frequently. In my particular case, as I struggle with any sort of brightness, I prefer small bright things to stand out on a darker backgroud which in this case means I would love it if the ball contrasted the pitch more, hence why I always used the high contrast and dark filters in FM 17. 3. When the ability to adjust the zoom of the in game camera was announced on FM TV I was incredibly excited to use it, but sadly it didn't live up to the hype my head built up. After trying every camera on full zoom I settled on the standard director camera because it's default view was the easiest for me to deal with but by no means great. When adjusting the zoom level on the other camera settings, zooming out isn't a problem! You can zoom out to a level where the players all look like tiny dots, so why can't we zoom in so that they all look like the BFG? In my opinion, on any camera the maximum zoom is the same as the standard version of that particular camera mode on the previous games, so therefore this year's newly implemented zoom adjustment feature seems to only give you the option to zoom out really. 4. I've read a few of the posts in this topic, and I understand why some feel it would be difficult to include audio commentary as an option for those with low or no sight. Off the topic of my head the only way I feel like audio commentary could be brought into the game is if only the name of the player on the ball is read and when the ball touches a different player. It's a difficult one so I won't expand much on it. 4. I think the whole layout of the in-match menus and visuals could be drastically improved to make things easier to see. Again I'll go back to FM 17, where notifications for goals, red cards, yellow cards and injuries etc would flash up is a decent sized box at the bottom of the screen. It was difficult to read, but the symbols for whatever had happened (a red / yellow card for example) were something I could make out, and whenever I needed to read who the player was who had been carded or scored I only had to go really close and squint to read it, or pause and use the Windows magnifier to zoom in. In this year's game, the notifications bar a the top doesn't even pop up half of the time, even though I have notifications ticked on for all the things I've mentioned above. Furthermore it is very small. The text in game is generally tiny, I don't know why there couldn't be an option to increase the size of things such as the players names when they're on the ball, the teams and score in the top left and the text commentary. At the moment these are the only things I can think of that would make a big difference, certainly for sight impaired and severely sight impaired players, to me the menus outside of the match are generally alright. Yes it would be amazing to have screen reader technology, but I doubt Steam will make it compatible with their games any time soon and on FM, when using the dark theme, in Window mode, with the Windows magnifier I do manage to get through things eventually, even though it can cause a lot of strain and take ages. I have massive sympathy for those of you who have had to stop playing the game, I can only hope that one day support for blind people (or those with severe enough sight loss that they can't play games such as FM which I could be one day) comes to most games on the market and in turn FM. I'm at least thankful that FM is a game I use offline so I can take it as my own pace and don't need to see things quickly, because when it comes to things like shooter games, I'm pretty useless at them!!!!!!
  12. RossJM12

    FM Touch - Chromebook Pixelbook

    If anyone is considering trying to play FM Touch on their Chromebook, I thought I would just inform you about what happens when you try to, because it is misleading that it is available for download and doesn't have a warning about compatibility or optimisation on the app page on the Play Store. I recently picked up a Pixelbook and thought I would just see what happens when I buy it. The app downloads and installs fine, it launches, installs all the game's data and once that is finished, it doesn't get past that stage. The app just closes. I tried re-opening itjust in case it was a random crash, bu it kept stopping and sending me back to thePlay Store. I've since refunded the purchase so I haven't lost out on anything, but it is very disappointing that FMT can't be played on Chromebooks, especially since many games released long before it (I'm talking YEARS) work perfectly well. I'm hopeful for FMT 19.
  13. RossJM12

    FM Touch - Chromebook Pixelbook

    It would be great if FMT Android was made to be compatible with Chromebooks now they can run Android apps, whether it be with an update to the current game or with future releases. I'm looking into getting a Pixelbook, it would be awesome to be able to play FMT on it
  14. I don't know if this is the right place for this but I'm just wondering how / why the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro (see link below) isn't apparently compatible with FMT 18 android, or whether it is compatible but has been missed. I'm currently looking into getting a new tablet and one of my hope is to get one that can play the game. The Yoga Tab 3 Pro is pretty much the same as the Yoga Tab 3 Plus (WHICH IS COMPATIBLE) but more powerful! So I'm just curious as to how the Tab 3 Pro isn't compatible? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01MT75RSZ/ref=twister_B06VWCCQ16
  15. I don't know if this is the right place for this but I'm just wondering how / why the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro (see link below) isn't apparently compatible with FMT 18 android, or whether it is compatible but has been missed. I'm currently looking into getting a new tablet and one of my hope is to get one that can play the game. The Yoga Tab 3 Pro is pretty much the same as the Yoga Tab 3 Plus (WHICH IS COMPATIBLE) but more powerful! So I'm just curious as to how the Tab 3 Pro isn't compatible? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01MT75RSZ/ref=twister_B06VWCCQ16