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  1. First time commenter here! I play on a rubbish laptop so it takes me ages to finish a season! Just finished my first season as Manchester Utd, don't normally play as a team with the financial power bu it was fun to play around with this team. Made just two signings in the summer prior to the season as I felt the team in place would suffice and I didn't want to introduce too many players. Signed Andres Cubas & Thiago Maia. I loaned Cubas out as he failed his work permit. I also loaned out Fellaini for the season to Ajax (he played feasibly well for them tbf, 10 goals, 4 assists). First things first, to any people unsure of Rashford as a CF. Give the kid a chance, I initially played him as an inside forward in a 4-2-3-1 to mixed results. I then toyed with a new formation and cut through lots and lots of teams just through attacking prowess and Rashford was at the forefront. I started playing a 3-4-1-2 attacking. The sheer number of offensive players that Man Utd have made me lean more towards the best defence is a good offense rule. To cut things short I won the League and the League cup. Was knocked out of the Euro Cup in the Qtr finals (Griezman obliterated us) and a shock loss to Watford in the FA Cup Qtr Finals. About to begin my second season. I've jettisoned a lot of players (Blind, Rojo, Sneiderlin others I can't remember) who I just couldn't give time to in the interest of bringing through youth. My signings have been Dele Alli and Breel Embolo I don't plan on doing any more business apart from maybe bringing in a bargain versatile player to replace Blind (I didn't want to let him go but he was threatening mutiny after I told him he wouldn't get game time at Real Madrid). Looking forward to seeing if I can get the best out of players like Fosu-Mensah and Angel Gomes. Had some good regens I'm looking to give some starts to toward the end of the season after some tutoring and training. All in all an enjoyable save so far, it's an interesting team to manage, a lot of ego and world class players on montstrous wages. With some fantastic youth, if you can get a partnership between Martial and Rashford up front you're in for a lot of fun up front.
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