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  1. To get a 6.3 rating means he's either botching plays (unlikely in 3 consecutive games), or probably not involved in many plays as you intended (more likely). Do you have the analysis portion of the matches saved? Check the heat map and the passing. Odds are your instructions send the balls to the wingbacks, who do back/forth passes with mezzalas up the field, while the AM is just kinda sitting there. With shorter passing enabled, your wingers are probably opting to do shorter/safer passes to the mezzs, who in turn take shots or pass it forward to the strikers.
  2. Given the complexity of this game, I think the community could really benefit from a thread with comments made by developers / experts about the frequently discussed game mechanics. For example, there have a great deal many threads in prior years about what determination actually does and is it related to development (and since '18, the answer is yes, but prior to that, apparently not). Or another is explaining how newgens CA/PA is created/set so players can maximize their odds of getting good newgens if they want to play a youth save. It's easy to speculate and offer wrong answers. I think having the devs chime in with 'official' responses about how things work can benefit those who want to understand the game at a more fundamental level. We see snippets here and there of answers regarding various game mechanics like players having different (and hidden) development trajectories: why not have this information located in one easily referenced thread?
  3. The problem seem to have subsided after I edited myself back into the positive with overall club funds once the regular season started. Still happy to provide a save if needed. The closest I can get to is a save ~two weeks after the stadium plans are put in place. Would that work?
  4. Hmmm. First, make a save in case anything goes awry. Then go to Registration, select 'Clear,' and try to resubmit your roster and see if that does the trick? This might just be one of those things where you 'turn off and on' your registration list to make it recognize your newfound reality.
  5. I run into this from time to time because of how many reserves/senior minimum salary players I have on the B-team. You have to offer them a Senior contract just above the senior minimum salary so they become cap-eligible (this does of course mean they count against your salary cap now, but at the barest minimum ($1.5k/week), it won't affect you too much hopefully if you have some allocation money sitting around). Until their contract status is updated, you have to sit them in the B-team so they don't get waived from your squad for being unregistered.
  6. You can normally find it under "Contract" -> "Waive Player" (see image below). Are you in the offseason? There is no waiver activity in the offseason. You also won't have the option to waive players who are on Designated Player contracts. Barring expiration, the only other way to move players on DP contract is via loaning or selling. Note: waived players will probably still affect your salary cap if it's past the initial squad registration date (visit the League Rules to see what the stipulations are for who will count against the cap and who won't). If possible, move the excess players to your B-team instead. While in the B-team, they won't count against your salary or roster limit. This is where I store all my excess reserve contract players. You can swap during the season between main team and B-team (make sure to register the squad each time though, or else you'll end up losing unregistered players to waivers! Exception being DP contracts - can't waive 'em).
  7. I find it refreshing in its own way. Unlike mega-money leagues like the EPL where the big teams consistently get the best players, you at least get a sense of parity in MLS (if not in practice, then at least in theory). It's designed to have churn at the top, with the worst-performing teams are best set up for future success (via drafts positions, bonus allocation money if they don't have enough DP-contract players, etc.). The best players on the best teams tend to be poached by bigger leagues, so they can't just coast at the top forever. A salary cap means judicious management is required for prolonged success (though you can certainly go 'all in' and form super-teams for 1-2 seasons). It's different than most of the leagues world-wide, which contributes to its perceived strangeness, but I think it's a good thing. The top 4-8 teams should not be a foregone conclusion year-to-year, barring major disruptions. That said, the whole allocation fund/target allocation fund/actual club transfer budgets seem to break behind-the-scenes fairly often. I respect that they're trying to mirror the real league complications, but sometimes I'm willing to take a hit on realism just so the game mechanics will execute as intended. Then there's the mess with the roster too, with what counts towards the cap and what doesn't (and the various ways you can 'cheat' that).
  8. I submitted the B team coaching issue a while back and SI has confirmed that it's something they're aware of and looking to resolve at the moment. Clever on the editing bit though. At least the in-game editor can provide a workaround to some of these issues. Really hate having to rely on it though...that said, I might have to do that too so I can offload the friendlies arranging duties to him xD
  9. I basically use the B-team as an extension of the main squad for reserve and minimum salary players to navigate the first-team roster limit. Since only those with your main squad will count towards the 6 maximum reserves and 10 maximum off-salary players, you can stash the rest of your reserve players in the B-team. I usually sign 2-3 of the youths from Academy every season, so I end up with around 8-10 reserve players (plus whatever the draft gives you) by year 2-3. Having a place to stash them now while they develop is great. You just have to move the players around the day before match, so you can advance the game and register them to the main squad. Also be careful, as the roster lock near the end of the season will prevent you from doing this, so at some point, you do have to choose who to keep in the main roster and who stays with the B-team for the remainder of the season. Also make sure to register them so they don't fall into waivers... Since they don't play any league games, you do have to schedule weekly friendlies for them however, and last I checked hiring staff for the B-team is still non-functional, so you have to micromanage everything to make sure they develop at all. I'm glad we have the B-team again, but there's definitely some work to be done before it becomes the resource it was intended to be.
  10. Potential Allocation Funding Bug When New Stadium Is Being Built Impact: High, Workarounds: Limited 4th season in, Chicago Fire board decided to splurged and bought a new stadium. This plunged our club balance from around +$15m to -$4m. Which is fine...except it seems to negatively affect allocation funding on the back end, and thus makes trading players with other clubs impossible. I cannot make any trades since the game claims I don't have any remaining allocation funding. Yet, if we go into the contracts screen, it will say that I have $9.5m in allocation funding available (I've been stockpiling). My previous transfer funding has also been impacted, now reduced to around $200k. Attempting to resolve the issue with the in-game editor doesn't work, as allocation funding is not visible among the options of things you can edit. Editing club balance and club transfer fee alone will not resolve the issue. Furthermore, it also seems to have impacted my ability to buy down salary cap impact with allocation money as well, though this may be because we're in between seasons (January 2022), but after the game's automatic buying down of cap impact. This bug is rather impactful, as transfers via trade is impossible at the moment, and I suspect may severely hamper squad registration as well if the buying down cap impact remains locked during the season. My only recourse right now is to use the in-game editor, but that will probably destroy the save's realism going forward.
  11. I already play in a 'lower league' as my main save (MLS, relative to European powerhouses), and a tiki-taka-ish style is possible for sure. Your biggest weakness will be player decision making when being pressed. Teams with high pressing will dispossess you a lot more since lower league players will not have the same level of ball control or mental awareness, which tends to result in subpar passing decisions when under pressure. Since your players will tend to inch up the field through controlled passes, losing the ball in their third will usually mean a devastating counter-attack with all your players caught on their half, so you'll need speedy players in fullback/defense to recover.
  12. When you see that many shots and with that much possession, what most likely happened is that the opposition team is parking the bus (narrow defensive play, basically a wall around the goal box). Your players will move the ball around until they are frustrated and take wild shots. Most of these are low-percentage shots are shots that will be right at the goalkeeper. You are most likely playing some variant of a high-pressing, forward-pushing, attacking style. Parking the bus is quite effective at neutralizing this style of play - this is why they only have one shot in response since you spent most of the time with the ball. You have to design a tactic specifically to break this wall. It won't always work, and you'll have far fewer shots, but they'll be much higher quality chances.
  13. There appears to be an issue with trades between MLS teams, where the trades appear as active/pending for days/weeks after I rejected the deal (see images below). Pressing "reject" in the transfer activity tab will not clear it. If you open the trade, you'll see that the players being asked for are now blanked out. The workaround is to remove the blanks, then offer the AI an obviously bad deal so that they'll say no. Once that occurs, you can then hit reject offer to actually remove the pending trade offer from active to rejected.
  14. I also experienced this. First instance of seeing this occurred post-patch, though these two things may not be related. Image below for reference. This occurs during matches starting in second half during the first match highlights. It persisted until around 60 minute mark, when the kits re-appeared as normal for the rest of the match. Did not recur in the next couple matches.
  15. Thanks for the response, Neil. And again, I am NOT being critical of the dev. team. I appreciate that we have devs. to talk to directly, and yes, some people abuse that privilege. The rest of us just wants to get the game as clean as possible like you and your team does, given your limited resources. I understand the resource constraints issue very well, being in a team of 4 individuals at our company spread across a dozen business systems to support. I do believe the game gets incrementally better each year, and that a lot of mini-bugs have workarounds or are a minor enough nuisance that I'll just deal with it. There are other ones though can and do ruin the game experience, even if they're relatively minor in the scheme of things. I'm not griping because I want to give your team headaches. FM is probably 20%+ of all my gaming time in the last 5 years, and no other game/franchise comes close at being 2nd. It's a good product. If I can help you test it, I will. I just get frustrated when I see something occasionally that's been an issue for a while, with repeated submissions (myself as well as others), and no responses. Maybe there should be a stickied thread on each bugs forum of commonly submitted issues that are currently under review/in the queue/de-prioritized? I think you had something like that for the match engine forums, and that helped me at least get a sense of what you guys are focused on so I can save the minor quibbles for another time.
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