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  1. Hi, I have a problem with the topbar, it's almost impossible to read the menu items for some clubs. I use the default dark skin. - how can I change the colors of the list (circle # 1)? - is it possible to remove the background blur (circle # 2)? In the top of the bar (circle # 3), where there is not the blur, I can read. - can I use the editor or do I have to change the skin? Thanks to those who will help me
  2. Since I upgraded to the latest windows 10 version and since I no longer use a second monitor connected to the same PC to watch streaming TV, I have not had this problem anymore. I hope it can serve as a suggestion
  3. I had the same problem after updating my Nvidia GeFroce GTX 980 to the latest version 388.43. With version 388.13 I've never had any problems. I was leaving the match after the speech to the team and the game crash DxDiag.txt
  4. I'm playing for 5 hours and the problem seems to be fixed. I updated the directx and net framework, I updated the video card drivers and checked the integrity of the cache. I hope it can be useful
  5. i have to delete only the lowercase file (like --> d3dx9) or also the uppercase (like --> D3DX9)?
  6. Hi, i had the same error "18.1.1f1040315 staging", during a match, between the first and the second half, while trying to make a change in the tactics. i was dragging a player to make the change. I play with facepack, logos and skins
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