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  1. I try wulf4132 with "Yenisey" on holiaday in Russian Premier League odds 1001-1 It's work again!
  2. Frosinone odds 1001-1 Great result! I never have 88pts in holiday test. wulf4132 112pts
  3. I was try p109 with Frosinone p109 again And we won everything seria A and cup odds 1001-1))
  4. P110 Frosinone 2nd place 82pts but have more clear cut chances (more on 15% 102 vs 118) Knap you break this FM
  5. Frosinone p 109 2 place 84pts odds 1001-1 Lost title at last tour
  6. Hi all. I was try p109 for parma. 92pts wow odds 700-1 Holiday mode. Now I try with 110
  7. My results with Bologna on holiday use your p110 19.3.5 Great results
  8. Knap, answer to me, please? Can I use this tactic (Beowollf424 112pts) for underdog? Which tactics for underdog?
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