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  1. 1713365258_FM20.4.1WARRIORKnapCD4132CFP370(209-161) My favourite tactic from fm 20 result with FC UFA med pred - 14
  2. 1442013075_FM20.4.1WARRIORKnapCD4132CFP370(209-161) never had this results in fm series. In expoit fm 19 too this is holyday test CSKA med pred 5th awesome!!
  3. Awesome tactic! Have great results with favorite and underdog. Dont know why in your test only 147pts. I Try 150 games and have more Pts than top f&w
  4. Knap, can you test this one I have very good results with this tactic FM20.3.0Teafor_OneVOL34411p101fa.fmf
  5. !!!!!!!!FM20.4.1KnapKashmir41221VOL6P103ECCTHP94 Knap do you test this tactic? I remember that in my test was good result Quick test this tactic with Parma Werder Bremen quick test Krylya Sovetov med pred last !!!!!!!!FM20.4.1KnapKashmir41221VOL6P103ECCTHP94.fmf
  6. The 19.3.5PILGRIMAGEKnapIWB41221OXFORDP107ECFA(4321FM20.4P107)P364(168) and this one tactics are the best in fm 20
  7. CA 135 188pts?? It's funny 😀 Maybe ca 160 wasn't freeze? Never see before ca 135 better than 160)
  8. 2 new records arrow in my tests. With 1 tactic 25496271_!19.3.5PILGRIMAGEKnapIWB41221OXFORDP107ECFA(4321FM20.4P107)P364(168) Werder last record 79pts.( with venom 41212) New record 84 Parma last record 86/ (with HolyghostfireKnapCrushoBendixvol34231p103ec New record - 88
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