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  1. Hello! Which tactic can give better result? PILGRIMAGE 4330 HOLY GHOST FIRE 41320 THP 94 PILGRIMAGE 41221 OX P101 ALL CUPS
  2. Hi Knap! Do you upload this 2 tactics? HOLY GHOST FIRE 41320 THP84 HOLY GHOST FIRE 41320 TH P93 Euro
  3. Maybe this tactic can give some better results with positive mentality
  4. @knap Hello mate! Link for DISRAELI GEARS 41320 P100 is wrong. It's find DISRAELI GEARS 41320 P99 EC CC
  5. I think the best is WARRIOR 442 P104 EC CC waiting for test results by knap
  6. New record! You break this ME. Main striker have a goal ~ every game
  7. The best tactic after update. I have the best results. 69 it's record in all versions
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