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  1. I tried and i felt that they weren't high enough on the pitch, plus the WP (A) forced Pizzi to Sit narrower whereas i want him free on his placement
  2. Hey, i'm also trying to emulate Lage's Benfica, and i did this: I put some PI's SK: none Defenders: none CM (Su) and (De) (Possibility to put replace the CM (De) by a DLP (De) or BWM - (De) - this one's for Fejsa): Hold positon, Shoot less often, and Drible Less + For the CM - Su: Stay wider (and eventualy pass it shorter for one of them to calm the game ?) IF: Get further forward, Roam from positions, and Sit narrower AP and F9: None (Maybe More urgent Pressing intensity ?) AF: Pass it shorter and Take fewer risks (Maybe More urgent Pressing intensity
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