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  1. Don’t mean to sound stupid. But if your not the best passers surely you would play with shorter passes as the longer balls will be more risky than usual?
  2. I’ve never ever tried to play direct football. I seen an article by dictate the game and had a go closely copying there tactic.i couldn’t believe the amount of chances created so easily. I’m Bolton and wanted to replicate big Sam. But would like a dash of Dyche. So my question is can you play “hoof ball” with a low block/mid block? also any ideas on training would be much appreciated
  3. Thank you for that. I will give theses a try, why would you get rid of run with ball just out of interest?
  4. Sort of yeah. I want to attack direct when it's on but don't want to waste possession
  5. Hi all, ive never been on for making my own tactics as I never really understood the creator screen. However this year I've found the tactics creation easier to use so I've had a crack at my own tactics. Now ive tried this and can't seem to get my strikers to score. And we don't create many chances. It's the first season and we are in 7th 9 games in. Only singing was tonali. Would appreciate any pointers into where I'm falling short. Also front 4 are all set to press more tackle harder and tight mark. Sorry for shocking picture I don't know how to screen shot on laptop
  6. Hi all, if I was to use an inside forward with the get further forward instruction added will that give the same effect as using a if(a)? Tia
  7. I've reloaded several times mate. I can read the writing but there's no images yet on the other posts I can see the images/videos. Thanks for that though. Sounds and looks interesting
  8. I can't see the first post which I'm assuming is the tactic? Any chance you can share it again. I can see the videos though
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