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  1. Season finale! Review coming up tomorow. We are playing last 4 matches of the season only 1 point behind automatic promotion, we can actually do it our form is average at best but I have high hopes for this run, hopefully we can beat teams and Macclesfield makes a mistake.
  2. Finally a FA trophy run, we are playing AFC Fylde in this match! Also a league match against Solihul Moors. We have picked up form a bit and are getting better slowly.
  3. Rematch against Macclesfield, we are still top of the table and we are in a bit of a slump right now. We need to get back in the form as soon as possible!
  4. New mic/shorter episodes from now on! FA Trophy match coming up against FC United, we are finally making a run in cups. Also in this episode derby against Ashton Utd.
  5. After dissapointing loss against second team in the league at the time we are slowly getting back on the track even though we suffered another devastating loss in FA Cup against against team in even lower leagues than we are. We play against Fylde and Guiseley today.
  6. Top of the league match ahead of us! We are still unbeaten for now. Also in the future from next wednesday new episodes will be shorter and with the new microphone!
  7. New season ahead of us! News about transfers, preseason and first match of the season! Right now we have even lower budget than previous season, can we do the miracle again and get to the playoffs?!?
  8. Spoilers alert if you haven't seen previous episodes! Ep6 Promotion push?!? Are we able to beat Telford and Fylde to go for the promotion ? Last few matches were rather weird we are having ups and downs and right now team seems to be letting the other teams to be more competitive. Can we regroup ? Find out in the next video! Ep7 We are so close to the top of the table with just one match everything can change, can we do it? Our other strikers are slowly waking up and we just beat Alfreton 7-3!! Can we repeat our performance and beat Nuneaton and Stockport who are bottom of the league? Check the video for more! Ep8 Epic 3 game season finish in this episode. After whole season being playoff spots we are in danger of slipping out of them. Adam Morgan is in bad form, we have brought new player in can he saves us? This episode has up and downs to be honest I got from frustrated to happy to being frustrated again, it's longer episode than usually but it includes last 3 matches of the season. Can we come back into promotion race or is this it? Find out in the next amazing episode: Ep9 Playoff semifinals are here! We are playing against Boston who we just beat for a playoff spot, can we do it again? Ep10 End of season review and playoff finals in this episode. We have beaten Boston easily can we do it again and beat Tamworth in the finals? It's been a long season with a lot of ups and downs we were very inconsistent whole season we need just one more good game! After match it's end of season review, we are gonna take a look at players and finances + everything that else.
  9. Hey everyone I'm Joey. I started my youtube channel few weeks ago and I'm slowly progressing with my videos. In my first 2 videos I had some issues with not loud enough audio for phones but sorted that out, there are also 10 episodes out already as of this writing I'm going to post them in the first two posts rest are coming in soon. Anyway, I decided to start non-league to legend series for youtube because I love playing FM, I play it for quite some time now and I'm hoping to bring something new to fm youtube scenery. I started with Curzon Ashton I'm not from England originally but I love lower leagues in England so I started there. I hoping to get to the top slowly, maybe I won't succeed but I'll have fun trying. If you want to have some fun please feel free to check out my videos. Immediately I noticed we have 4 very good players on the but we have no budget. Striker Adam Morgan, goalkeeper Hakan Burton, midfielder Tomsett, defender John Hunt real veteran of the team. So basically we had little of everything. We start hiring scouts left and right we have nothing in the team not even physios. Later on I checked we have the smallest budget of them all and.... almost no fans, one of the lowest attendances in the league. So if I want to return that loan I should be very creative with my budget. //Expect some low volume on first two videos. Rest are okay. EP1: Season preview Ep2: After quite few matches and changes to tactic I've decided to stick with defensive minded 4-3-1-2 in friendlies we were pretty poor buuut we mostly played against poor teams against which this wouldn't work well, we were very unstable. After all the transfers we kind of had a team but still only 1 quality striker that is Adam Morgan. We couldn't have asked for worse opponent in the first match, it's Kidderminster team that is aiming for the top of the league. While we are scrambling for survival. Ep3: To my surprise tactic is working amazingly, we are currently 3rd in the league with only one loss. Can we actually do it and stay in the league maybe even surprise people?!? Is that even possible??? Next two league games are against Altrincham and Salford we should be beating both of them based on results before but team is very shaky in defence, I don't know how to fix it... Maybe dropping defense a bit deeper and no offside trap? John Hunt is great player but very slow. I don't know about our defense yet. We didn't do any transfers or anything after start of the season and we have lowest salary in the league. How are we doing it? Can we keep going here? Or will Altrincham and Salford get us from the clouds... See everything in the next episode. Ep4: After quite good start we are losing momentum a little bit can we get it back? Last two matches ended in a draw, we are hoping to bounce back in cup and make a little of a run since we are in dire need of money, we have no attendance and even with lowest budget in the league we are still losing some money. Can we start with a good cup run? Can we beat Stockport to go for promotion in the league? Find out in next video: Ep5: After bad FA Cup match can we make better impression in FA Trophy and gain some of the very needed money? Or is it going to be a dissapointment? Find out in the next video. We are also playing against Boston with hopes to establish ourselves in the playoff position. //Rest of first season coming below. Any suggestion/criticism is welcome. Best Regards, Joey P.S. New video coming out tomorow, rest are gonna come with 2-3 days in between.