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  1. Season 4 starts today! Transfers, preseason and first match of the season
  2. End of season review today, it's been quite good third season.
  3. 3rd FA Trophy round and league match in this episode!
  4. Unbeaten run! Tough matches against Grimsby and Wrexham
  5. Comfortably in middle table right now, two quite easy matches ahead of us we need to use this chance to win again!
  6. FA Cup and Dag & Red matches ahead of us. We are struggling a bit right now let's hope we can get back to it in this match!
  7. National league is going to be a bit tougher than previous VNL North. Some tough matches ahead of us!
  8. Season 3 begins today! Transfers, preseason, job offers and first match of the season!
  9. Season finale! Review coming up tomorow. We are playing last 4 matches of the season only 1 point behind automatic promotion, we can actually do it our form is average at best but I have high hopes for this run, hopefully we can beat teams and Macclesfield makes a mistake.
  10. Finally a FA trophy run, we are playing AFC Fylde in this match! Also a league match against Solihul Moors. We have picked up form a bit and are getting better slowly.
  11. Rematch against Macclesfield, we are still top of the table and we are in a bit of a slump right now. We need to get back in the form as soon as possible!
  12. New mic/shorter episodes from now on! FA Trophy match coming up against FC United, we are finally making a run in cups. Also in this episode derby against Ashton Utd.
  13. After dissapointing loss against second team in the league at the time we are slowly getting back on the track even though we suffered another devastating loss in FA Cup against against team in even lower leagues than we are. We play against Fylde and Guiseley today.
  14. Top of the league match ahead of us! We are still unbeaten for now. Also in the future from next wednesday new episodes will be shorter and with the new microphone!