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  1. It's that time of the year again when we play Feyenoord and Twente... Again... Important matches for us and maybe getting into Europe.
  2. Utrecht and Ajax time top 2 teams! Currently 6th in the league.
  3. We had quite good start to the season, defeat in the Cup is going to hurt us a bit but hopefully we can pick ourselves up and get some good results. Feyenoord and Twente matches in this episode.
  4. Hi everyone! As some of you may know I have been doing FM17 on youtube for some time now and it's been quite a journey I must say I loved the journey 'till now and I hope it's gonna continue. Other story is going to continue normally but I'm adding something new to the channel I have been thinking what should it be I came down to two choice Italian Venezia in third league or Netherlands. I was excited about both choices but in the end decided for the Netherlands challenge because I have not managed in this country for long time now in FM I don't even know if I did which is surprising to me. Anyway I'm hoping to bring something new to Eredivisie with my new club Go Ahead Eagles they are newly promoted team which has rather low facilities and low budget. We even had some transfer budget at the start of the season which I transfered into more wage budged for potential loan signings and free transfers. One of the first things I noticed was that I had about same budged in this club that I would get in Venezia which is third Italian division which goes to show top 3 clubs in Netherlands are way off (Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV). I'm hoping to slowly get this club close to these three and contest for the first place in Eredivisie maybe even some European runs. First season goal is to avoid relegation but I'm hopefull for top ten which is rather longshot after the signings I made which were rather dissapointing due to lack of budget and interest of better players. In this series format is going to be a bit different about 6 episodes per season. There are going to be 2 episodes per week IF this series gets more popular than my previous one or atleast about the same I might do new episode every 3 days, which is kinda plan already but I prefer to leave myself some leeway. Episodes are going to be about 20 minutes long except for this first one because I had to show around the team a bit and other fuss... In real life Go Ahead Eagles got relegated so there's no extra pressure of this particular team performing well I guess... Nevertheless I want to overperform on every possible step in my own way. Probably not going to play wingers as is custom in Netherlands I'm basing that on every single team having bunch of wingers except for the team I picked. Without further ado here is my first video with Go Ahead Eagles with club presentantion, transfers, players (taking look at them), goals for the season, preseason and first match of the season against FC Utrecht I hope you like it, if you have any suggestions, comments please feel free to let me know! Best Regards, Joey
  5. Journeyman Save (Non-League to legend)

    Start of the new season is here! Preseason, transfers, first match of the season and new tactic.
  6. Journeyman Save (Non-League to legend)

    Season 4 starts today! Transfers, preseason and first match of the season
  7. Journeyman Save (Non-League to legend)

    End of season review today, it's been quite good third season.
  8. Journeyman Save (Non-League to legend)

    3rd FA Trophy round and league match in this episode!
  9. Journeyman Save (Non-League to legend)

    Unbeaten run! Tough matches against Grimsby and Wrexham
  10. Journeyman Save (Non-League to legend)

    Comfortably in middle table right now, two quite easy matches ahead of us we need to use this chance to win again!
  11. Journeyman Save (Non-League to legend)

    FA Cup and Dag & Red matches ahead of us. We are struggling a bit right now let's hope we can get back to it in this match!
  12. Journeyman Save (Non-League to legend)

    National league is going to be a bit tougher than previous VNL North. Some tough matches ahead of us!
  13. Journeyman Save (Non-League to legend)

    Season 3 begins today! Transfers, preseason, job offers and first match of the season!