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  1. Five games now without a highlight showing a shot from one of our players. Incredible attacking negligence on display!
  2. Having an absolutely woeful start to the season. None of Osvaldo, Lambert, Lallana or Ramirez seem to have a clue in the final third and Boruc loves to chuck them in. Trying to play the real life narrow 4-2-3-1 or a wider version but it's not working at all and we don't have the players to play 4-4-2.
  3. It's the 3rd of February, Carlos has 44 goals in 28 appearances. Madness.
  4. Llorente isn't interested in joining after starting my new game, only Damiao would be a significant upgrade on what we have already but he's going to cost 40m so I'll leave that well alone.
  5. Ok, I've started again. Will post transfers in/out at the end of the transfer window. Has anybody managed to sign Leandro Damiao in the first transfer window? I'm sceptical about going back in for Llorente as I struggled to get the best out of him in the three months I had him before.
  6. My horror run was ended by a crash dump, which made the save unreadable, so I have to start again! Will post in more detail this time.
  7. I'm an absolute shambles at the moment. We kept six consecutive clean sheets at the start of the season and then Real came to town, we took the lead and then couldn't hold out and ended up getting spanked 4-1. Since then, the defence has gone to pot, conceding 13 in 6 (and currently 1-0 down to Villareal). Llorente has scored 4, and I'm at the end of November. He's now behind Rondon in the pecking order. Cazorla has been very quiet, not scoring and coming up with an assist every now and again. Duda has been my top performer by a mile.
  8. It was more than I wanted to pay, but he looks class. Also signed, Mikel San Jose, Roberto Canella, Fredy Guarin and Carlos Kameni.
  9. 30m over 48 months. Looking to build an entirely Spanish/South American squad.
  10. Llorente or Giuseppe Rossi? Had bids of circa 30m accepted for both but not sure who to go with. Tried for Tevez, but couldn't sort out a deal with him and his greedy agent.
  11. Whenever I enter my e-mail addres I never receive the ebook.
  12. I've tried 3d, but I've reverted once again to the epicness of 2d classic. May I hany happy memories of Michael Kightly tearing full backs to shreds.
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