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  1. On this beta version Mickaël Gaffoor is playing by Andorra C.F. (lower leagues) but actually he's playing for Piqué's side F.C. Andorra of 2nd division B Group 3.
  2. Saved comfortably and avoided relegation with 6 matches to go. We'll try to reach mid table again next season and starting to build up for Europe
  3. At the end of the day we're still not cut for it even our good start of season, but we went to a really bad second half of the season with just 8 points and fell to relegation zone just before the final match.
  4. Moving away and another loan to the list! The first: Edgar Street's purchase The second: Edgar Street's expansium 2 years ago and now just 1 year from going back home, the third one!
  5. Got promoted to Premier League and Hatton was a top quality player again!
  6. OMG!!! Really? Two matches since we got our stadium expansion finished and now this?!?!?!? Our finances don't look any great and we're still paying two loans: the one of buying Edgar Street and the one for its expansion
  7. Guess who was right? Season's over and I wonder who was my best player
  8. Congrats on your achievement @thomas_e !!! Think you're the very first one to achieve that on FM18, am I right?
  9. Back to Edgar Street just for the last game of our maiden season in Championship which has gone very smoothly but don't think we're gonna make it. But it's a really good and pleasing season to build on next season to try to reach promotion. Also, it's being the most complicated season on injuries: 9 major injuries and and around 20 moderates. Hatton's last season injury which kept him out 8 months until mid September is not in the list but he came back stronger than ever scoring 29 goals in 35 games. Key players such Dael Fry, Lloyd Isgrove and Jake Doyle-Hayes (our highest tran
  10. Thanks!! Getting a minimum Stadium expansion due to a new loan for half price of the works. Not a wise movement if we pretend just to avoid the drop next season, we needed that money so badly on the squad!
  11. Someone said promotion? I think injured Hatton's replacement took that business seriously. He'll be with us next season all way long and once Hatton will be back from his injury we'll have a couple of terrific strikers on them!
  12. Season is over for our best striker ever just the day he started in partnership with the new loanee which should be his replacement as he struggled little with injuries this year. The new man is one I put my eyes on him last year in L2 where he was the top scorer with 2 more goals than Hatton.
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