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  1. Not working. Generally I am not interested in updating from creators with transfers, because I use this from Sortitoutsi;) But the game automatically fires on 18.3.3, even if I manually change to 18.0, it changes it and Clasen's files do not work.
  2. Hello. Is there already a working file? We have half of April, so it would be fun to play some career Possibly, maybe there is another file that adds so many new leagues etc.
  3. Not only my solution, but also the problems of each user is the creation of an update under the 18.3.3. It is simple and logical, but as I see it for 2-3 weeks, even though the update was supposed to be over a week ago, he said in the SI Games forum.
  4. Hello. does anyone have any information about when Claassen will release updates of its addon? Or is there something similar?
  5. Friend, is it your chance to publish it today? I am waiting patiently to start my career with Valencia or Marseille, obviously with your leagues Regards.
  6. Please link fot FM17 Megapack 200 Updates by claassen (Final Pack), 207 leagues not working for 17.1.0 red errors. I need this version, because I use an update from Sortitoutsi and with version 17.3.0 to duplicate players. I need to file 200 leagues Final Pack January 29 (unless such date). I beg you
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