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  1. Because I feel like there's so much more to this game and I'm missing out. We've all heard stories about people taking ridiculously small clubs like Burton Albion and turning them into Barcelona. Is that even possible in our lifetime? Or were they just cheating too?? I just can't fathom that level of genuine success.
  2. Good to know there's people out there like myself. Maybe this could be the beginning of FMCA (Football Manager Cheaters Anonymous) where we meet in local areas once or twice a week, say the serenity prayer and offer each other support. Signing Leon Goretska for 100 k playing behind Dybala, Dolberg and Emre Mor 2 seasons in with Newcastle on my first save on FM 18, its getting beyond a joke now. Get the finger out S.I!!!
  3. Hi, my name is puntyboy82 and I'm a compulsive cheater . I'e been drinking now about 18 yea....oops... sorry... playing Football Manager/Championship Manager since the grand old days of 95/96 (The big green box for the PC). I literally cannot play this game (or any release since 2000 since I left college where my mates could watch me and I couldn't cheat) without using the "Add New Manager" function, swiping all their money, deliberately messed up my rivals teams, etc. Hell, before I even boot up a new game I download the editor and jack my young players attributes up, check all the players attributes and give myself an extra Billion pounds to make life easy. Its pathetic. To my question- why the hell is there a "No way to cheat mode". I.e - No adding more managers, no quitting after a bad result (maybe the game could set you back a month if you quit without saving, maybe no manual saving, no saving right before a match) Some of these suggestions don' even make sense but maaaan I'm desperate!!! Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? Twelve step program? I try on every new game and promise myself no cheating. I usually last about a month or two (Gametime 🤔) before I decide a handy 200 million from Arsenal is a great Idea. Its like putting a Vodka bottle in front of an Alcoholic having these cheat options so easy. And dont say "Just dont cheat". Might as well say "Just don' play FM" and that sure ain't gonna happen.
  4. I have the exact same problem on my ideapad. Game seems to be running fairly well but I've a estimated game speed of half a star. Only noticed it when I attempted to set up a new save.
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