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  1. I need a plan B for when im really loosing these matches, seems there is no way to turn it around unless switching to another tactic. After 22 games, I have drawn 1, won 15. Lost 5 at home, all reasonably close games but when I loose I dont seem to score, but loose 1-0 or 2-0 at home and get smacked if away from home. Hope to get to the end of the first season with my Spurs save and be able to analyse what I need to change.
  2. I dont think anyone has 'blatantly' ignored you, i just dont think anyone on here can assist therefore have not been able to answer. Sorry that you feel ignored, its not intentional!
  3. Have been playing this formation with Tottenham Hotspur, strangest thing for me is ive lost 5 games at home in the league, after 11 home games. Using Control and Attacking formations. Apart from that, im 3rd after 22 games, 10 points behind Man United.
  4. Managed to download the new updated attacking tactic and happy with performances of the first 5 games using it.
  5. The download link didn't work, sorry, should have mentioned this on my post.
  6. Problem occured for me with Spurs, I play a DM and 2 CMs, constantly shooting, ticked the Hold Ball and they started getting the shots on target, or making a pass.
  7. Eugene - calm down man, its a demo...it will be in the actual game, so its a non-issue mate. As one guy says, if ur lucky enough to be 6-0 up, switch to Commentary only at full tilt and it'll be over PDQ!
  8. Just cannot get into the game this year

    As for arranging friendlies it's much easier than before and a lot more teams to choose from as well How is it easier arranging friendlies? It doesnt matter whether theres more choice, that wasnt an issue in the past, its just a long drawn out process to get to the team you want to play because it doesnt remember where you last searched for a team sometimes
  9. Just cannot get into the game this year

    I have lost the place with how the match flows. There are so many screens and so much information during a game. Youve got 6 tabs at the top, then an additional 13 options to choose what information you may be looking for. So for instance, looking for the assistant feedback, I need to go to the Analysis tab then hit the feedback tab, then to change the information he suggests i have to find my way to the tactics screen, at the opposite side of the screen. The other thing was teamtalks - I always look at the motivation screen, to do this I need to get into the Stats tab, then select the home or away stats, check the info, and go back to my team/tactics page click on the team talk option again and make the team talk, if I forget what i am to say to a certain player I have to go back into the stats tab and again select the home/away team to check and then navigate my way back to the page I was doing my team talk page. What I am saying is that it doesnt save the page you were on in that tab to easily flick back and forth. Oh listen its late now, sorry if this dont make sense. Overall navigating my way round the game has became a big pain - I hate arranging friendlies - always always always have to find my way to the list - and why oh why do we not have it saved the teams we have played friendlies against already, so it builds a bank of teams that you could easily select from past seasons - and why is there only 1 team per line on the list of teams for friendlies, if i want to play Wycombe for example, I have to scroll down to the bottom of the huge list. I arrange friendlies for my reserves and its a real annoyance having to go through it everytime. There is quite a few good new additions to the game, its just that finding them is not easy because its behind page after page of screens to get to them. Also with me having Vista, the game doesnt remember I dont want to view the game on tv mode...only classic mode but it almost always seems to make me have to come out of tv mode. late night rant over...I will try n remember to read this tomorrow and see if ive made sense to anyone.
  10. Do we need to get down on our knees and say 'Please sir, please tell us about your super tactic...please...hello?' Anyway, go on an tell us the basics. A 4-3-3 eh, flat 4-3-3 with 3 centre forwards and 3 central midfielders? Or wingers? Or an anchor man? So many choices...whats the mentality? closing down? counter attack? Oh never mind, i'll go make my own thread and keep the public waiting
  11. I am going to agree with the 3 striker thingy - always seems to be a lack of marking for the Central striker giving lots of one-on-ones.
  12. Extremely Freaky Event

    Yep. Kids. Dont drink n post. Its not big n its not clever!
  13. Ok, tonight i just started the first game since i downloaded patch 10.2. The scotland job was obviously available, and guess who got it....yep, Craig......Levein. Could be a coincidence because Levein was maybe an obvious candidate, but still, since when has the most obvious person been given the job, im sure lots of people have applied for jobs they might have been over-qualified for and not got it.
  14. Im with the OP on this one - I load up the game almost every night hoping something will prompt me to click continue, but once ive got my mouse cursor all the way to the top right corner (i know, hit spacebar also continues) im kinda not bothered anymore and go listen to music or surf the web. I have a baby, a wife and a 3 year old to occupy my time, but before FM10 I ALWAYS found time for a few games, even if it meant missing out on some shut-eye. (which I so dearly crave nowadays!) There is soooo much more navigating and clicking to be done, the homescreen is huge with a lot of empty stuff and the boxes I really want to use stuck away at the top, squashed together (a little contradictory to my opening line about moving my mouse cursor to continue) but maybe its just me not accepting change easily Good changes to the game are evident with the tactical instructions and now we can 'pigeon-hole' players in specific positions - that can make it very messy during the course of a game and will take a little adapting...but gives an idea what style you want your team to have and probably helps the stragglers and newcomers which isnt a bad idea. I may go back to FM09 - but I last played that during the day and a half I sat in the house while my wife puffed n panted her way through labour, before we finally went to hospital...not the proper way to bow out of a game, im sure you'll agree.