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  1. I need a plan B for when im really loosing these matches, seems there is no way to turn it around unless switching to another tactic. After 22 games, I have drawn 1, won 15. Lost 5 at home, all reasonably close games but when I loose I dont seem to score, but loose 1-0 or 2-0 at home and get smacked if away from home. Hope to get to the end of the first season with my Spurs save and be able to analyse what I need to change.
  2. I dont think anyone has 'blatantly' ignored you, i just dont think anyone on here can assist therefore have not been able to answer. Sorry that you feel ignored, its not intentional!
  3. Have been playing this formation with Tottenham Hotspur, strangest thing for me is ive lost 5 games at home in the league, after 11 home games. Using Control and Attacking formations. Apart from that, im 3rd after 22 games, 10 points behind Man United.
  4. Managed to download the new updated attacking tactic and happy with performances of the first 5 games using it.
  5. Problem occured for me with Spurs, I play a DM and 2 CMs, constantly shooting, ticked the Hold Ball and they started getting the shots on target, or making a pass.
  6. i would like to see more stats on how well teams are performing - something in the form of below Team A has won x out of x games. Unbeaten in x number of league / cup / european games. Team A is unbeaten in x out of x home league games and x/x away league games. Team A has won last x out of x league / cup / european games or team A has not won in x games and same kind of format as above. There was a game, many years ago now, something like Football Director or Ultimate Soccer Manager that had a counter like above where it gave about 5 or 6 different stats on performance. So, you would have an unbeaten in all competitions counter, an unbeaten at home counter and a note of the previous best record. And an unbeaten in the league, cup and european games.
  7. When arranging friendlies either for pre-season or reserves I would like there to be a section for 'teams previously played' and a section for 'local teams' and if not local teams then for each team they should include the region the team is within the country so we could play local teams from lower leagues or whatever. ie if i was Man United but dont live there I wouldnt know the local teams within the Manchester area to play friendlies against, this would mean less expenses.
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