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  1. Though I primarily do one team saves, even if I am doing a journeyman save I focus on signing players from that nation. In my current Sheppey United save, I have taken it a step further by focusing on players from the Isle of Sheppey. If I have to dive into the transfer market and their is no local LBs for example, than I extend my search Kent. Once I am in the football league, I reckon I will then also extend it to England.

    As you may of guessed, another house rule/my style of play is to focus on youth and to give anyone who isnt absolutely awful a chance. I have been really focussing on retraining players who perhaps dont suit their natural positions or suit another role and wont make it in their current one due to squad depth. 

    Also like yourself, I dont sign free transfers just to sell for a profit. I don't enable the in-game editor just in case it tempted me to cheat; though now that I have gotten into kit making I may enable it on future saves so I can add new kits, etc. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, phnompenhandy said:

    I'm doing a UK+Ireland Journeyman career, so I've loaded this up with a L12 Scottish, L12 Irish, L7 Welsh and the top divisions in Germany, Spain, Italy and France so that the Euro competitions are more balanced. That's 53 leagues. I don't think the level of detail makes a whole lot of difference, but the number of leagues affects processing speed which with my rig is already pretty slow. I load a small database with a few hundred extra players loaded from the divisions immediately above me.

    Thanks for the reply. Ya, I have been combing through a bunch of threads about this and realized that I had loaded way too many leagues (even if some were view only) the first time around and the game was going at a snails pace haha. I think I  will do your setup though, and having the Scottish and Welsh db's, not going down all the way to the bottom in those leagues, but maybe 3-4th tier.

    Do you do anything in the "advanced" custom setup (ie. load everyone in Europe and/or South America)?

  3. On 11/12/2018 at 03:37, lionel messi said:

    There will be some kind of overlay just to keep the numbers balanced in the leagues, especially now has some leagues could have more teams getting promoted than other leagues, I have changed a few of the boundaries in some leagues.

    If you notice any teams going in to leagues you think they shouldn't let me know.

    the updated file is on the steam workshop.

    I have just started my save now in level 10.

    Quick questions; was the file in the first post updated with the regional change?

    Also, I am editing in a created team in Level 10 and wanted to know what I should put for Player and Staff contract types; non-contract or part time? Or just leave it blank? 

    Thanks for the update!

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