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  1. Still have same issue - can't get past febuary 22.
  2. It's alright. So how did the Dev team find any issues ?
  3. I dont have any custom graphics on at the moment. I've uploaded my game, it's called "Started from the bottem" and it starts just a bit before the recurring crashes happens. Is it solveable ?
  4. Hi. I have a recurring crash on febuary 22, 2018.
  5. I cant remove them manually either. No it's not, the only thing i add, are the addons through "downloads" But i cant really seems to get thoes out the way, but i may be able to play the game a little now. not sure what's been done, but it seem to be working so far
  6. Hey, i have like many others here, problems with my game crashing in the version 17.2.1 and keep getting an error message. It's only in new games, dont have any older games where it worked fine, and i've tried uninstalling, clearing cache, anything i could think off. And when i try deleting addons in "downloads" my game just freeze. i got windows defender as AV (anti-virus)
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