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  1. I have 3.5 starts on it, level is light with 4 coaches and they still complain
  2. For some reason i cant register Predrag Rajkovic because the game has him as "non-european", even tho hes SERBIAN
  3. Hello there. As youve noticed from the title, I have a Youtube channel were i upload football manager content. Its not the best that you may find, but i would appreciate it if you at least took a look at my channel, and maybe give me some suggestions on things I can do to improve my way of making videos so that its more entertaining. Currently Im playing with Torino, were I will try to turn them into an unstopable force in Europe. Currently Im 9th but I have a chance to win the Italian cup. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPnYq1AK6TzwqhE62PZNs4g
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