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  1. That looks like a lovely worked goal, was it fast flowing as you wanted or slower?
  2. 352 Sweeper Game 2: Friendly vs Wolfsburg I was quite pleased from a lot of what I saw in our first game so I decided on leaving the tactic on complete default for just one more game to see how we fared against a reputable side. The only change I made from the first game is that I decided I would play the first half in a structured team shape and the second half in a fluid team shape. I don't know too much about how these two different team shapes work in essence so today's game would be a good way to see how. Wolfsburg lined up in a formation that could cause a lot of problems to us if we didn't play well. The dangerous 4231 Wide. I knew we were weak on the flanks but I was interested in seeing how their attacking midfielder would get on. The game started off so fast, our first attack of the game saw us take the lead early due to some good play from a throw in. Our midfield was able to string some passes together and give Defrel some space to find Matri in the box who netted home. It was soon 2-0 as a Defrel and Matri switched roles and it was a deep cross from Matri that found Defrel who headed into the net. 24 minutes in we found ourselves 3-0 ahead, I actually couldn't believe that this seemed to be working so well. The midfield genius, Sensi played a killer pass to Matri who slotted home. Game over? No, less than 60 seconds later Wolfsburg got their first goal and it was Mayoral who netted. Our Letschert was dragged out wide which left a 2v2 in the middle of the box and Mayoral was quickest to the ball once it was whopped in. We responded well a couple minutes later by going 4-1 up. It was a fluke goal really, a corner into the box which they cleared only as far as Defrel who calmly put it in. Just before the first half ended we conceded, ANOTHER CROSS, found Mayoral, AGAIN. The lack of presence in our fullback positions was costing us goals. Halftime (4-2) I switched the shape to fluid to see what it could do in the second half, perhaps we would defend as a unit a little better. Boy, was I wrong. We conceded within a minute, an unchallenged cross after the successful defence of a corner. A couple minutes later and before I knew it, they drew level, 4-4. We lost the ball in their half after applying some pressure and they countered us by placing a killer through ball round my centre backs, Caliguiri was too fast and levelled the scoring. After this point for the rest of the half we were under a lot of pressure and in the last few minutes of the game, a goal. We countered them and got to their area but their defender was able to stop us, only for Duncan to steal it and smash it home and give us the 5-4 win. What a hectic game. The change from structure to fluid was incredible, whilst we defended well at times given the circumstances of being stretched, a fluid approach did not make us more compact. It confined us more into our small third of the pitch and for Wolfsburg to play the ball around us. If I'd have left the game on structured I don't think we would have been contained as much as we were despite the weakness on the flanks. We hardly played the ball around like we did in the first half and across the majority of the previous game. After these two friendlies I am able to see where our strengths and weaknesses lie without forcing a particular style of play. Adapting myself to the formation per se, I'll look to create a more fluent and well round midfield core that can dictate games better both defensively and offensively. Hopefully, I can figure out what roles I want our wide midfielders to play as there are blatantly obvious gaps behind them even on regular automatic duties. The link up play between the strikers has been very good so far and I am looking forward to seeing Berardi return soon even though Defrel and Matri are knocking them in. Transfer wise: I am looking for a player to play in the right midfield role. Ragusa isn't suited to that position and he's been our worst attacker on the pitch for two games now and it has been very evident. Elsewhere, Gazzola and Dell'Orco are fullbacks only. They don't fit into the system I'm using so I will look to move them on. Pomini was an extra keeper so he will not be required. All have been placed in the reserves until I can sell them on. I am not well versed in football manager yet so there might be some obvious choices to sign in the first season that I am unaware of (I see a lot of Depay loans on this thread), so increasing the number of scouts and scouting several nations will be my way of player recruitment if it does occur.
  3. On paper it looks like the system would work well, look forward to seeing how you adapt with the defensive midfielder issue. Have you tried playing one fullback on FB/D and another on WB/A and then the DM as a DM/D? Perhaps like that you would have a a strict back 3 line with a quick passing option in front, perhaps the DM would venture closer towards the CD's making it almost like a back four. In my head it seems possible, whether it works on the ME is a different question all together.
  4. (Disclaimer - I am new to the football manager scene. Much of my analysis of what I am doing will be on my little knowledge that I have obtained from lurking on this site for a couple weeks. This is also the first time I am trying to analyse what I do in some detail, so if at any point, my analysis is flawed or can be improved please do advise me, I would enjoy being tutored in that way. In essence this is a learner attempting to give his viewpoint on the game as he attempts to learn it). I have been assigned the 352 Sweeper. I've never played with a sweeper or without fullbacks/wingbacks so I am looking forward to the challenge and getting it to work for the team. So before I did anything on start up I wanted to see what exactly this system could do without any of my alterations, simply the preset tactic with fitting players for each position, no team and player instructions nor any roles. Our first game was against Dnipro which we won 5-3. They played the whole game with a 4-1-2-3 DM Wide and made subs throughout where as we stuck with the same 11 for the full 90 minutes as I wanted to see how the players I picked would perform for the full 90 minutes. The first goal was ours and it was a strange one, it took simply 2 touches after our keeper Consigli cleared the ball out to find the back of the opposition net. A headed flick-on from Sensi in midfield gave Defrel a ball to run onto which he put in the back of the net. The second came soon after and out numbers advantage in the middle allowed Sensi and Duncan to dictate the play and give Magnanelli some time outside the box to shoot and score. In the build up play Matri dropped deep into the right midfield slot to pick up the ball and run at the opposition which meant Dnipro had to bring a centre midfielder across to track him allowing the passing play and man advantage outside the box to work well. Just as soon as we had scored another, we conceded our first. They stretched the play and their winger got ahead of our wide midfielder Ragusa which allowed him to cross the ball into our box which so happened to fall to their other winger who also beat the his wide midfielder Politano and tapped it in. Our third was a complete replica of our second goal, Matri dropped deep and picked up the ball on the right and played it across the the edge of their area which dragged all three of their central midfield to our left side so we shifted the ball back to the right side and Politano struck a beauty from just outside the box. We conceded just before halftime and it was a ball over the top which even beat our Sweeper Cannavaro that was headed into the net from their striker. We conceded our 3rd and it was soon 3-3 . We were probing around their box using our dominance but it didn't amount to anything and they cleared the ball upfield and won it, Dnipro ran at our defence in a 3 on 3 attack which didn't end well for us. We got our fourth by winning the ball in our own half and giving it to Matri who ran down the right side and beat a couple players, he played it into the box where we had all the other 6 attacking players ready to tap it in, but it was Duncan who got his foot to it. Our last of the game and to make it 5-3 was the same but on the other side of the field, the ball was won in our half and we countered down the left side where it was Defrel who beat his man and passed it to Matri inside the box who scored. This average position map shows our positions when on the ball (in green) and that of when we didn't have the ball (in orange). We didn't struggle in the centre of the park, if anything there were sometimes too many bodies within a small space, although it worked well, at times we could have spread even better by pushing one further up and two deeper or vice versa. Our width in attack seemed good, especially when counter-attacking for the last two goals, in which the link up play was really great. The area in which we need to improve is quite obvious, our centre backs are very spread out at times and when we have just lost the ball and are against a front three like Dnipro had it often left a 3 on 3 attack. This is obviously due to our lack of fullbacks and our midfield wide unit not playing as defensively when we lost the ball. Another area of concern is the amount of forward runners we had when on the counter, our whole team except the back three were inside Dnipro's box for the last two goals which leave us very open to being countered. Lastly, the ball over the top is something to think about, I don't think playing a high line is a great idea since our defenders lack pace and acceleration, but it could be worth thinking about playing a deeper line to avoid this, perhaps a look at how changing Cannavaro's role from Sweeper to Libero affects our shape. In the next game, which is against Wolfsburg, I want to toy with our team shape and see the difference between a more structured style of play against a more fluid style of play, again, without any changes to the default formations and without any instructions. Additionally, a look at the squad to see who won't be needed in the upcoming season and what areas need strengthening. P.S - I am interested in starting a career update thread in the relevant section with this save and sticking to the experiment rules, how many would be interested? I'm not the best player but I think regular analysis like this and other types (as I learn how) can only make me better (I hope?).
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