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  1. Yes, the workload text. If I remove rest day after every match, then my players are unable to recover completely for the next fixture and the workload text shows heavy. This is not the case in the full version. I will try setting individual instructions and check my young players' development rates. Because I found that players' tend to develop at slower rate in FMT than the full version(considering all other variables are staying constant). Thank you again for clearing doubts.
  2. I am handling both of my team training and individual training. But no matter what I do, it seems the overall training can't be set to Heavy. Whatever I choose as main focus and set the intensity to very high, my overall team training stays at Medium. My club's training facilities are State of the Art. Is it intended or some kind of bug ? Hoping a reply from Lucas if possible.
  3. This is the most consistent tactic for me in the 17.3.1 patch. After making few tweaks to suit my team, I have played 83 games till now in Sky Bet League 2 and have won 67 games, lost 11 and drew 5. 171 goals scored and 98 conceded. I have removed tackle harder PI from all the players and made some changes in roles according to tactics write up. It is working beautifully. Almost all the matches I dominated from start to end. Definitely this tactic is for long term saves. This is how my tactic looks like after tweaks. Actually, you can replicate SS and CF with AM and DLF respectively with same PI.
  4. FM is processor intensive. I am playing it in 2nd gen quad core i5 laptop with 4 gb ram. Never seen FM using more than 2.5 GB Ram but during simulation of other leagues I have noticed processor usage went up to 30-40%.
  5. I usually don't manage giants. I will test it in a home fixture in my current long term save as you suggested. I know my players inside out so I will get to know whether it's the tactic or my players. I will try to test tomorrow, feeling really sleepy now. Played 1 more game using v3. I was losing to Portsmouth by 1-2 in HT. In 65 mins, I've changed my passing to Mixed and won the game 4-3. With Mixed passing selected. the central defenders are playing more defense splitting long passes which is actually very deadly if you have fast strikers with decent first touch and off the ball attributes. v3 looks promising. It actually compensates your somewhat weaker defense with superior offence. With decent players in all positions I really like the play in this tactic. One touch pass and move football. 75% of my goals were scored like this.
  6. Franky, Is there any way to make it little bit more stronger defensively? I won't mind if it decreases offence somewhat as this tactic is already very offensive. I am thinking of dropping the holding CM in DM position and give him DM(D) duty.
  7. I've just finished playing 2 games using the v3 tactic with my previous modifications. 1 Win and 1 Draw. My observations are: 1) Little bit more offensive in the final third. 2) More fluid play, and patient buildup. I am frequently getting "scintilating stuff", "now that's soccer" in text commentary. Definitely more pleasing to watch. I am using shorter passing. 3) Central Defenders keep closing down like their a** on fire. This actually splits my defense open. 4) Dominating more in the match than v2.
  8. Hi Franky, I have made couple of changes to your Hustler v2 tactic to suit my lower league team. After these changes, the v2 tactic is really unstoppable. I still suffer odd defeats and poor run of forms (hard coded in the game I believe) but it is working beautifully in my long term save. I will try v3 after seeing some feedbacks as I really don't wan't to mess up my long term save. Thank you for making this wonderful tactic.
  9. Removal of specialized roles and their hard coded PI from tactics creator would be nice. It should be like general position such as WM, AM, CM without any specialist roles for them to choose. Then through PI we can make the players behave exactly as we want. PI can be implemented like multiple choices for every position. An example would be, for AM roles PI can be implemented like below. 1) Position (Higher/ Much Higher/ Lower / Much Lower) 2) Drop Deeper ( More / Much More) 3) Forward Runs (Near Goal line / Edge of Penalty Box) This way, there will be no confusions in selecting specialist roles for any type of squad and any players can be made to play like exactly the way a manager wants. Training can also be altered to supplement players' PI. For example, instead of putting a player in AM or Enganche training regime, all players will train attributes according to their position by default. Managers can influence the development of their attributes by choosing a particular PI. In this case, if I choose training emphasis on "Shoot more Often" for an AM, attributes that helps a player shooting will get more weightage during training duration.
  10. Oh crap! Silly me. I had gone through the write up but completely forgot about the replaceable roles later. Thanks for pointing it out. Anyway, I have made three changes to the tactic. 1) Replaced the complete forward with an advanced forward. I have used PI to act him like the complete forward except the "hold up ball" which can't be selected for this role. 2) Replaced the shadow striker with an attacking midfielder on attack duty. Again selected PI to act him like the shadow striker in this tactic. 3) Changed the Gk to a sweeper keeper. I have found it very effective to stop those "over the head" passes played over the defense. The complete forward in this tactic hold up ball high above in ground. But since I am using AF I am not sure whether should I select "hold up ball" PI for my AM. Without this particular PI, my tweaked version of this tactic is working great. Played 6 games with the tweaked version, won 4 of them, drew 2.
  11. I am using this with Accrington in FMT and it is performing very well. Still suffered few defeats but it is understandable given I am relegation candidate. Thank you so much for making this great tactic. I have a question. Is it possible to use any other ST role in place of complete forward? In lower leagues it's extremely difficult to get any half decent complete forward.
  12. Does the DLC National Management works if I choose Create-A-Club-Mode ? I want to manage a national Team but don't want to create a separate save for it. I want to manage the national team along with my club.
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