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  1. I’ve downloaded the database via the link at the top of this page and started a game and Montenegro is missing?
  2. Is that a problem with the Balkan League file that will also be causing mine to crash?
  3. Hi, Could you advise if this is looking like it's fixable? Ive tried to start a new game but it's just not the same..! cheers
  4. Hi, I have uploaded the game to your FTP under Crvena Zvezda Rich S. I am running a custom Balkan League, Bosnian League, Croatian League, Macedonian League and Montenegrin League. Plus a little bit of minor jiggery pokery I did myself. I have attached those too. Many thanks for looking at this, Balkan League by FM-Balkan ReSearch Team.fmf BiH by FM-Balkan ReSearch Team.fmf Croatia by FM-Balkan ReSearch Team.fmf FYR Macedonia by FM-Balkan ReSearch Team.fmf Montenegro by FM-Balkan ReSearch Team.fmf Red Star_7DCF71C0-6BDF-4278-8F38-A53916DD61CC.fmf
  5. I have done all the steps such as deleting caches and preferences etc
  6. Hi, My game keeps crashing on 11th March 2017 whilst processing. Can you help? wont let me attach game save as its too big FM 2016 v16.3.2.830543 (2017.02.18 16.33.00).dmp
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