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  1. When I change a players training focus, because he's thinks it's not producing any results it goes form "Unhappy .." to "Had been unhappy about training" What exactly is that supposed to tell me? I changed his training so what why give me that info? Does it take some time to for his training happiness to reach good levels again or what is the purpose of this information? I don't remember that being in the game previously so why was it added?
  2. I honestly think some of us would do a great job as coaches.
  3. This is my biggest gripe with the ME for years. Players have absolutely no sense of space and decision making is atrocious. It's not your tactics. You might be able to fill some gaps by using the right role, but this will only open up other areas. My Sunday league football team has more positional awareness than 'world-class' players of FM.
  4. @rain94 It might be your tactics and you being able to prevent them from happening, but click through any AI team and you will see it's too much. I posted stats from different leagues and different teams and all of them had 20-30% long shot goals. Sure occasionally that might happen. I remember seeing stats from Stoke having 20+ one season, but thats an outbreaker. The average across teams and season is 12-15% and in FM we get twice as much. How this hasn't been acknowledged as an issue yet is beyond me, because it's so obvious to see. It's not only perception, it's confirmed by the stats. Sure, you are might be able to prevent them, but the AI clearly isn't capable of doing that. (One issue being them way to deep in the final third and giving players way too much time to shoot)
  5. Has anyone done any testing regarding the training groups? Most of my CBs coming through the youth are quite poor technically and I would like to work on that. I already set them to train as BPDs + additional focus on 'Passing'. Facilities are great, so are my coaches, but the improvements are pretty meh. So I was thinking to just stick them to the attacking unit for some time and see what it does. By quickly checking through the various training sessions they should have more focus on these attributes. Anyone tried this yet? Haven't seen anyone trying or reporting on this.
  6. Yes I agree. Players in general retire too early. Barely anyone gets over 34-35. There are plenty of example of players who continue to play, some of them into their 40s. Sure in lesser leagues, but still on a high level. Ashley Cole is a recent example as he just signed with Derby at the age of 38. John Terry (38), Barzagli (37), Buffon (40), Aduriz (37), Joaquin (37), Casillas (37), Claudio Pizarro (40) just to name a few that quickly popped into my head. I think part of the problem is physicals dropping too quickly, even for players with high natural fitness. A 30 year old player with 14 pace will drop down to 5-6 within the span of 2-3 years. Way too quick. AI or the player himself realises that and deems himself not good enough anymore. They should get slower, no doubt, but not to this extend. Koscielny is 33 now and even after his long-term injury he seems to be one of the quickest CBs in the league. This is fairly accurately reflected in the database by the researches, showing how it should be. Now let's say a player with identical attributes to Koscielny who wasn't in his 30s at the start of the game, wouldn't have keep his physicals the same way. They would have dropped of massively quicker (on average, sure some players do better, some players do even worse). Players are a lot more fitter nowadays, physios, dietrists and fitness coaches know a lot more and are able to get the extra out of it.
  7. Well that's good to know and definitely changes my approach with selling certain players, but that seems completely unlogical to me. 1. Why would a club that wants to sign my player offer that? They don't gain anything from that financially, expect when it reduces the wage demands of said player, which brings me to point 2. 2. How do they know that my player wants that? They are not allowed to talk to my player until an agreement between the clubs has been reached. Are they just guessing or what?
  8. Wait what?! Really?! I thought it's as long as the deal he signs with the new club to get an agreement for higher wage demands? Can anyone confirm this cause that would change anything.
  9. Benfica in the Liga NOS with superb training facilities, 4-4.5 stars coaching and 'Professional' squad personality. First team avg. training rating: 7.77 U19s: 8.37 I think it has a lot to do with how happy your players are (players that are unhappy train very poorly and you get individual ratings in the sixes) and the average age of your players (supported by the difference between first team and U19 although first team has better coaches). My first team has a lot of young players who usually top the training performance table and the overall average rating gets lower by some older veterans and club legends in the final stages of their careers.
  10. About 30 (including all top leagues of Europe, South America, North America, Australia and some Asian).
  11. I'm not saying they should be bad, not at all. They should be there or thereabouts. But they vastly outdo every other nation on my saves.
  12. Yeah I had something similar. Pochettino was sacked by Spurs because he "only" finished 3rd in 2020. Guess who they brought in? Allegri from Real Madrid who were leading LaLiga at the time and won multiple titles. If I remember correctly Spurs won the PL once in 2019, that's it. They just snatched him up, no issues. Every year England gets completely overrated in so many areas. You can tell the clear bias by just looking through the England National youth teams. Almost every player in U20, U21, U19 is touted as Wonderkid or at least has huge potential and outdo the likes of Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Spain and France. Same story every year.
  13. Well, let's employ some basic football principles. You play against a team that would happily take a draw. You don't put enough pressure on them, you let them have the ball and give them time to make decisions. Ofc they are going to try to keep the ball and you are making it easier for them. I need to win (they don't) and for that I need the ball. So I switched to a very intense pressing setup to get me that ball back quicker and now I'm averaging 60% per game against ultra defensive sides. That's basic football principles. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a bit overblown and the AI clearly can't deal with that yet, but just a bit and something that is (or should be) easily changed with small amounts of fine tuning. I also think the ME has a lot of issues this year and I'm far from happy with it, but many points people raise are often their own shortcomings or misunterstandings of the game.
  14. I think Rashidis post about only using 10% of the toolkit is one of the most important posts in recent times on this forum and should be sticky. Most of us would like to stick with our preferred formation, but this may not be feasible anymore with the improved defensive AI in FM19. I’m sure it’s doable, but it’s difficult. I’m currently playing with Benfica and recent games have been tight affairs. Thanks to individual quality (mostly in form of longshots and set-pieces, this is FM19 after all) we managed to keep our win streak going ... just. I was constantly running into games often described in this thread with barely any quality chances, ultra defensive setups and boring games to watch. Games that looked like this: As you can see they played a very defensive 4-1-4-1 DM formation, which is very effective against my 4-2-3-1, as it perfectly counters any advantage a standard 4-2-3-1 gives. They defend very deep and narrow, each of my players is covered by their respective counterpart. DM covers AMC, CMs on CMs, FBs and Wingers in a deep setup take care of my players out wide. Something needs to change, so let’s go through this step by step by showing and explaining my thought process. Spoiler alert! This was the result against my next opponent who again played a defensive 4-1-4-1: So how did we get there. First I was going through the problems I had against these setups. Problem: Wingplay. Wingers and Fullbacks together defend deep, therefore barely space and time to pick out players in the box resulting in a lot of wayward crosses. Possible solution: Reduce amount of wingplay as it is ineffective. Use IWC for more control in midfield / Remove AML/AMR to add players in other areas. Problem: AI easily dealt with most crosses as they heavily outnumbered us in the box and are not challenged enough by our physical or heading attributes. Possible solution: Add more bodies in the box / At least one physically strong or tall striker with good heading abilities. Problem: No natural overloads anywhere around the pitch. Midfield trio not able to create anything productive (lots of sideways passing, not enough control in the center of the pitch and golden zone). Possible solution: Add additional midfielder for more control and better passing options in final third. These are the problems I quickly picked up by watching the games with possible solutions to fix these issues. Now, are the solutions complementary to each other or can I make it work with my team? How can I change my 4-2-3-1 to solve these problems? This was my 4-2-3-1 I used to play with: And this is what I come up with: Why? Because this formation and tactic incorporates all the solutions I came up with from above. Removed both advanced wide players as wingplay was ineffective, replaced them for an additional striker = 1st and 2nd solution Additional striker is relatively strong, tall and good at heading = 2nd solution Additional striker plus retaining my AMC on attack results in more bodies in the box = 2nd solution Added another midfielder for more control in the center of the pitch. Always a player free = 1st and 3rd solution The 4-3-1-2 checks all boxes and the players I have are suited to play this way. We beat them comfortably 5-0. 4 goals from open play. 1 set-piece. A simple formation change did the trick. No PIs (expect for FBs to stay wider) and barely any changes to the TIs, staying true to the club (and my preferred) philosophy. Using only about 30% of the toolbox resulted in a completely different experience. Goals Let’s analyse the goals. We lose the ball in the final third. I maintained my intense pressing system and this shows why. I don’t want to give the opposition any time to breath. Rangel and Brito immediately go to work and force the ball back. The AI is on the back foot and we capitalize. Rangel pushes forward, we have the bodies in the box and Origi is quick off the mark and makes use of the chaos. 1-0! https://media.giphy.com/media/fxCk8H8qLWTdr05roZ/giphy.mp4 The second goal shows the advantage of the extra man in midfield. Pepe is in acres of space. Interesting thing to note, he is a DLP on defend duty, but still occasionally he will advance forward because A) the space and reading of the game he has and B) the use of the positive mentality. He has all the time in the world to pick out a pass and in this case it’s especially easy to find Origi as we dragged the opposition around. A good turn and finish from the Belgian. 2-0! https://media.giphy.com/media/1oCv3yDYmp72GptUcG/source.mp4 Goal number 3 highlighting solution 1 and 2, the strong striker winning the physical duel against his marker to finish off a sweet cross from close range from my advanced fullback who (through tactical changes) has way too much time and space to deliver the ball. 3-0! https://media.giphy.com/media/eswjqEcEMDLdtXISme/source.mp4 Goal number 4 was a set-piece so I won’t go into that. We are 4-0 up at this point, it’s the 91st minute and the AI is still incredibly defensive and never tried going forward. Brito is again in way too much space. This time the cross gets intercepted, but I still have players lurking around the box for that 2nd ball. Dantas picks it up, runs into the space in the box and finishes it cleanly into the bottom corner. 5-0! https://media.giphy.com/media/ipZSE1tqiE3COKhNnJ/source.mp4 We should have scored more, the opportunities were definitely there. The tacticis also far from perfect and needs tweaking here and there as we still have lots of shots from distance. Nonetheless we completely dismantled a parked bus and a formation that used to be our kryptonite. And all of that, by using only about 30% of the toolkit.
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