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  1. Wow I got 5 of the ones you got for your tottenham team strange :S difference is I got Huntelaar up front, Woodgate is great with me with that tactic, Barnes is doing fantastic. I decided to sell Modric and get in Rosina as well, hasn't done much, Ghaly is actually alright at the MC position as well by the way. How much you pay for Micah Richards.
  2. Just got in Woodgate, this young keeper who already looks better than Kasper, sold my RB since he always gets 6s and got in a new one with good defensive attributes. I will see how it goes.
  3. conceded 10 in 4 games shows that i really need a new keeper or something, that is utterly pathetic....3 against norwich as well :S Got Angulo as DR, Eduardo as DL, Cahais and Nordveit as the DCs.... They all have pretty good stats, as well as Schmeichel in goals. Don't have a heap of money as well not sure what i can do, all I know is my DCs aren't super quick, good tackling, heading and jumping.
  4. Hey Kimz mate good tactic, using the 1.1 with Leeds in my 2nd season in EPL just have a few questions.. 1. What is a good way to concede less goals because I seem to leak quite a lot 2. Is there any particular reason my DR/DL get horrible ratings, 5, 6 or 7s is what they always get they never seem to put in a good performance - They are quite good and can play like DL/WBL/ML same for the right back position. 3. Im using Danny Haynes as my striker but want to get a new one in, what attributes are needed for this along striker? Thanks again.
  5. Hey knap grats on the tactic mate, just a few questions. I am Leeds in my first season in the EPL, I am about 9th at the moment in January and just started using your tactic. What are the important attributes for the AMCs running to the MC position? Because I have a regen in the name of Fabrice Silva (I think hes regen) who is an AM/FC, and Roberto who is a DM - Are they the wrong people to have in that position? Also my striker is one Danny Haynes, is he suited into playing this position. My other positions seem fine got eduardo left back, angulo right back etc, Just wanna know what recommendations are for those positions once I get some money in Using that xtree one by the way. thanks again.
  6. In response to jan911, that is happening to me exactly the same thing with pompey, you do really well then all of a sudden they crack your tactics, then you try find a new one or tweak things around and nothing at all works even though you test it out for a while n everything. very frustrating.. Im gonna try this tactic with leeds as im doing pretty badly with them I will let you know how it goes
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