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  1. Can anyone provide a 1730 version of pregame editor? I can find it nowhere.
  2. Is there a sample file that I could refer to? That would help a great deal.
  3. Hi, anyone knows what this "send teams to continental cup seedings" means?
  4. Hey guys, I am wondering how I could add teams from group stage to the knock-out rounds of an inferior competition. What I want to do is, all 3rd-place teams (and them only) from the group stage of the competition (lvl 0) qualify for Eighth Final of an inferior competition (lvl 1). A real-life example would be UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League, where all eight 3rd place teams from ECL Group stage qualify for Europa League Round of 32. Anyone has any idea how to achieve this, or has a file for me to look at? Attached is my New European Leagues plan that consists of three levels. Arrows means losers from a stage of a superior league sink to an inferior league and start the corresponding round with the number of teams the arrows point at. You can see it is really chaotic at group stages (3rd of lvl 0 goes to lvl 1 Eighth Final, 4th of lvl 0 and 3th of lvl 1 go to lvl 2 Eighth Final) and it is a pain to set up---I end up with 1st teams of the corresponding team playing at or even 3 different competitions. Hope you guys can give me some suggestions... Thanks!
  5. seedings should start with 0. Check my file. 6NationsTrophy_32279BF5-03F4-4353-8DDC-43E2BDCD87CD.fmf
  6. [Update-This issue has been solved in a different post-check this:] Hi, I am currently making a new continent rule and am utterly confused about the ranking system. In Europe/nations I selected 54 countries and in Europe/teams I made a system that works with my competition. What I am confused is, would the number of teams that qualify in the competition for each country changes as the game proceeds in accordance to European country coefficients (as in real life where the number of teams for each association changes along time), because I found that the number each country has changes when I move its position in Europe/nations list? If not, how can I make it so? (I just realized that FM uses league reputation to represent the coefficient. So assign slots to nations based on their league reputation is also acceptable..) Thanks.
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