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  1. Another quick thing for player who like challenge, there are a couple of teams in the 3rd division with huge number of supporters and expectation mini fallen giants, racing santander and Mallorca, I remember when etoo played for them and could be fun to manage an island team, 15,000 season ticket holders in div 3 is mad though thats like Portsmouth
  2. Funny seeing all of the betis shouts because that was what actually brought me here, there kit and badge always catch the eye when scrolling through the teams a bit like palermo, and the fan support thing is spot on one first things I always look for is season ticket holders and in that regard betis are a Newcastle, plus there is something slightly tragic about them, always in sevilla shadow and they will always be the that team who spent millions on biggest flop of all time denilson. BIlboa are great fun and it's the most rewarding and it's like Pokemon but there are only a few you can get but not impossible and if you do you can win champ league, I have never had a buzz like it when javi martinez finally allowed negotiations and after a bit of fiddling with bonuses and extras etc finally signed on dotted line, same with llorente and herrera and your squad just immediately feels 10 times stronger, also little tidbit griezman qualifies to play because of real socio dad
  3. Say they are quoting 80 mil i would break it down in crafty ways so that it looks better on paper but will actually either take ages to have to hand over or better still never pay at all Also bear in mind what kind of club you are, if you are a team regularly expecting europe in one of top 3 divisions then future installments wont be a pro problem, but for exemple, i play in italy alot andthe average budget every season is only between 4-8 million so if you are paying over 36 months and or have x amount after 40 games then you it will take chunks out of your budget for a couple of seasons so i would offer 20 mil up front, then sell on percentage of 50 percent, this should shave off about 20 mill so now they will quote 60 mill then add after 40 games say 5 mill, then depending how good he already is i would add after international apps, if he is young and nailed on to be an international i would make it 20 games at another 5 mill so that should take at least 3-4 years to hit if he is already mid 20s but not an international but a fringy player i would lower it to look more tempting at the same 5 mill you have to judge how many you think he will play, also i dont mind putting alot of money into this one because if you have to pay it out then its because your player is playing for his country regularly so must be pretty good then goals, if its a defender then he may only get 3-4 league goals a season so put that at 10-5mill for a midfielder 20 and a sriker 30-40 so in doing this the total amount should be 35 mill but the amount it will take this season will still only be 20 Submit that and they may now alter it but the cash bid will probably be something like 45 mill then you can play around top up add on's,up the cash bid ect until you get the cheapest deal now the 50 percent sell on is annoying if you want to sell or are forced to but have to give half back, in this situation i would offer the player as a swap deal so you avoid all of that also the 50 percent sell works well when offering the contract, if hes quoting 5 mill sign on and 140 grand ive got him for 100g with sign on for 1m
  4. I was thinking of a similar idea, I don't really like the regens, it takes me out of the game, but what if the regens where sons of e legends and where basically the same player So come through that players most identified club, same position and same attributes and style of play
  5. I was thinking of a similar idea, I don't really like the regens, it takes me out of the game, but what if the regens where sons of e legends and where basically the same player So come through that players most identified club, same position and same attributes and style of play
  6. Hello, i recently figured out how to insert player faces and stadiums ect into the game by matching the codes to the xml files ect, but the one thing i still can't get is the team kits. I have a Parma save going at the moment and in the kit packs i have downloaded the first team kit is the ugly white one with the black cross while the 3rd strip is the iconic yellow and blue one, so i deleted the white and changed the name of the third to home ect, but when it shows up in game it has a white box around it, i have tried everything but still no dice If anyone could help me i would very much appreciate it Thanks
  7. There are many factors i look for when selecting a new club to take over, History, fans, geographical location, youth prospects, rivalries, whatever gets your juices flowing. If you google fm best teams to manage there are plenty of top 5 lists by magazines ect and its very predictable obvious choices, like Milan, Manchester United i have even seen PSG, i mean where is the fun in just walking the league on auto pilot it is totally pointless, So i am interested to know what other players favourite teams they have played as and why, Here are my top 3 Atalanta (Italy) Nothing will beat the Italian heyday of he 90's and i hope it comes back one day, but you can't beat Italy for style, Quality players and mental fans, i could have easily picked 3 or 4 teams but i went with Atalanta because there a very unassuming team at first, a bottom half club with no real history, not the prettiest kit, badge, stadium, but they have a very strong following and are hiding a secret. There youth academy is full to the brim of genuine wonderkids, several of whom support Atalanta which goes along way with me. There are around 9 of them all in different positions so i put all me focus on them and ignored the 1st team which is very average, they won everything, U18, U21, U21 Champions league and eventually the Serie A on the first time of asking, in fact i was surprised how easy it was it almost felt like a PSG save but watching them progress was fantastic Bournemouth As Good as the Prem is England is not what i would call a pretty country and i think its no wonder alot of players come over for the money and status but seem to hate there life off the pitch, Bournemouth though is on the south coast, is relatively warmer than most and is quite a wealthy town, something i don't usually like in my fans, but in this case i could imagine talking a foreign prospect into choosing this cosy little club with big ambitions over a more established one. Also i like the current squad that they start with, at first look they seem average journeymen but they have decent attributes that compliment each other really well and seem to over perform, well that was an understatement i won the champions Lleague in my second season with only a couple of modest additions, I will never forget beating Barca 2-0 in the final comfortably and Steve Cook at the back cool as a cucumber with Messi in his pocket and 2 Stunners from Wilshere Athletic Bilbao I totally fell in love with this team and after learning more about them and what they stand for, i have become a genuine fan With most leagues if your an underdog you usually have one giant to overcome, hoping they have an off season and you can pip them, but in Spain you have 2, and they also happen to be the 2 best teams in the world, so the challenge is immensely tough from the beginning, throw on top of that your limited selection of players and it becomes even harder,but not impossible You get one of he best young center backs on the game, one of the fastest winger/strikers on the game and Iker Munien once dubbed the spanish Messi before he broke his cruciate, you also get 3 or 4 near wonderkids to start with and if your quick you can sign some very good 16 year old Spanish starlets 3 of them, Pepelu, Dani Olmo, Brahim Diaz are international Class. Javi Martinez and Herrera are at bigger clubs but if your patient you can lure them back home This is the perfect save for people who like youth development because that is all you really have on here so you cant afford mess it up or be lazy and ignore them hoping they will turn good, you need to walk them through step by step but the players are there to not only mount a charge on the top 2 but also europe Another reason i like Bilbao is that because there isn't alot of ins and outs you get to really grow fond of your players and so do they for each other, one of my assistant feedbacks read 'These players look like they will die for each other' Having that unity and commeradrie along with one of the few proper passionate fans in Spain, (most are bland from what i have heard) it is so satisfying when you are able to stick it to Barcelona and Madrid the arrogant soul less gits So what are yours and why
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