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  1. Another quick thing for player who like challenge, there are a couple of teams in the 3rd division with huge number of supporters and expectation mini fallen giants, racing santander and Mallorca, I remember when etoo played for them and could be fun to manage an island team, 15,000 season ticket holders in div 3 is mad though thats like Portsmouth
  2. Funny seeing all of the betis shouts because that was what actually brought me here, there kit and badge always catch the eye when scrolling through the teams a bit like palermo, and the fan support thing is spot on one first things I always look for is season ticket holders and in that regard betis are a Newcastle, plus there is something slightly tragic about them, always in sevilla shadow and they will always be the that team who spent millions on biggest flop of all time denilson. BIlboa are great fun and it's the most rewarding and it's like Pokemon but there are only a few you can get
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