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  1. Count me in if there is still space. Enjoyed the one with Sassuolo on FM17
  2. 451 End of the season report We went into the last game of the season sitting in 4th place. Crucially both Roma and Napoli dropped points so we managed to leap into 2nd, certainly better than what I could have hoped for before the season. In Europa League we topped our group but got 2 tough knockout stage draws in form of Shakhtar and Zenit, the latter knocked us out on away goals. The Italian cup will be forgotten about quickly, we lost to Empoli in the first round. Tactically things remained mostly the same throughout the season. We were doing so well that there was little reason to change anything. The tactic was made with possession play in mind and our 54% average was the 2nd best in the league. We also completed more passes than any other team. Going forward we scored 46 goals, the 10th highest in the league. We had the 4th most shots on target out of all teams and I felt our finishing let us down at times. Our 2nd place finish was mostly down to our great defence. We conceded just 23 goals while keeping 22 clean sheets, both the 2nd highest in the league after Juventus who were simply unstoppable. I think both our defensive and offensive numbers were greatly influenced by the 451. The formation offers by default both solid defensive positioning and a lack of numbers in attack. Looking at the assist locations 25 came from the left flank (W(S) and IWB(S)) while just 4 came from the right (WM(A) and FB(S)). On the other hand the right sided players scored a lot more of our goals so it worked out well. Highest scorers Defrel - 26 goals Politano - 19 goals Pellegrini - 12 goals The striker plus the 2 midfielders who were given attacking duties. Defrel and Politano did so well that Berardi, who failed to impress, spent a lot of the season sitting on the bench. Most assists Paganini - 13 assists Pellegrini - 12 assists Defrel - 12 assists Good output from our winger. Pellegrini also made it into the top 3 here. He had a great season and has already developed into a key player. Highest average ratings Peluso - 7.62 Acerbi - 7.40 Politano - 7.38 The top 2 being defenders sums up our season. Peluso also topped the average ratings for the entire league. He got injured for a bit of the 2nd half of the season and we struggled during that period. That was when we went out of Europa League. In hindsight I could have changed my tactics during that short period instead of shoehorning in Saborit who did not perform as well. While the 451 is far from any of the most obscure formations available, this challenge got me using a structured shape which I normally do not tend to use. I will be using it more from now and I think it is especially nice for flat formations where it can add a bit of depth which the formation may otherwise lack. Finally, thanks for taking the time to host this @Jambo98
  3. 451 Midseason Update Good season for us so far. We managed to top our Europa League group and will be facing Shakhtar in the next round. Peluso has been playing at the peak of his ability. So far according to average ratings he has been the best performer in the league. Not bad for someone who before the season was considered an average full back! Our system has suited him really well. The IWB role lets him be the heart of the team in possession, often completing the most passes out of anyone on the pitch. Below are 2 examples of how we are creating chances, both starting from the IWB. I have put them in spoilers to make sure this post does not take up half the page.
  4. Minor update to highlight what impact a small change can have. My initial idea was to have a pushed up defensive line to reduce the space between midfield and defence. However, in the opening 3 fixtures, balls in behind looked a constant threat and we conceded 5 goals during that time. 20 minutes into the Serie A opener against Chievo we conceded another goal, I decided to drop the pushed up defensive line and we managed to see out the rest of the game without conceding. Since then we have only conceded 1 goal in 8 games, and that against Juventus. While we have been a bit lucky not to concede more, the change has been a positive one. Tactically nothing has really changed since the last update. Because of our great form we went into the Juventus game with our regular approach. I decided to monitor the opening 30 minutes and then make necessary changes if needed. The first half was even so I didn’t feel like there was any reason to do anything differently. Higuain scored a goal early into the 2nd half. It was a new scenario for us, we now had to chase a lead. I opted to turn up the mentality and shape settings. We managed to win a penalty which Berardi unfortunately missed. Overall I think we were a bit too wasteful in possession after having to push forward and for the future I’ll experiment with going more attacking by just changing roles and duties. I uploaded a PKM for the Juventus game if you want to have a look at it @Rashidi Juventus451.pkm
  5. @Jambo98 That's an interesting approach in midfield and it goes to show how the same formation can look a lot different depending on which roles and duties are being used. I'm a fan of Antei so far, he's able to cover for Acerbi's lack of pace.
  6. Defrel has been fantastic so far, currently on 9 goals and 5 assists in 8 appearances including Europa League. It looks like Berardi will have to slot in at RM once he's back from injury
  7. I’ve played around with it a bit after the patch and it does give a lot of interesting possibilities. Just a shame it currently has to be played with the risky passes and dribble more individual instructions. I would look at bringing him in as a backup player, he's probably not good enough to be a regular starter. But then I've got Gazzola there who isn't that great either. I struggled a bit with finding the right transfer targets.
  8. 451 Transfers: Results: Tactics: Control/Structured: I’ve gone for structured with a combination of different duties in midfield to add a bit of depth into the flat midfield 5. The mentality is currently on control but may change depending on opposition. Shorter Passing, Play Out Of Defence, Work Ball Into Box, Lower Tempo: Fairly straightforward possession shouts. Work Ball Into Box was added after I noticed my players taking too many long shots. I initially went for a pushed up defensive line but after some defensive struggles I removed it early on in the encounter with Chievo and the defence has looked better since. The DLP(D) drops deeper and helps build up play from the back. The CM(A) is given more freedom to push forward as he has the IWB(S) slotting into midfield behind him. For tougher games I will look at changing the IWB to a regular full back. Average positions with the ball: Average positions without the ball:
  9. I'd like to join this. Don't mind which team is picked, maybe avoid Bundesliga for the lack of licenses
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