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  1. Unfortunately i cant download it for some reason it shows my version as the latest one can i do anything else to bring back my save??
  2. HI I have a problem that appered recently with my game... So this is what happend. I was playing a game when all of the sudden in the 89 minute the game stopped working I didnt worry since this wasnt the first time and i knew what to do I closed it and then opened it again sometimes that fixes it and everything works normally sometimes manager restarts and i go back into it and ALWAYS one of my saves works and i just play the match again or it loads me right after the match. But this time the bug happend twice in a single game and so both of my saves couldnt open This is the messege ive been seeing Load game failed Unable to load save data I am using auto saves weekly and i always have two saves when i click load game in the menu .Im like 99% sure its not the memory issue since i have 380mb on my sd(game location) and 270 on my phone and the saves only occupate like 14-15mb combined . I have tryed to move manager to my phone storage and i tryed to remove the saves and put them back after ,nothong worked. I think the best option for me is to send you guys the files so you can try and detect the problem I hope you guys do it since i spent 17 hours on that save and long story short it was a very good one Ps:Sorry for the long post i wanted to give details and sorry for my english since its not my prime language.
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