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  1. Hi FMers, Just wanted to get some help and advice wth my 4-2-3-1 with my Milan side. I've attached a couple of photos below, I alternate between a DLP (sup) and a AF or CF (att) up top which alternates my AM (supp) or AM (att). IW (att) and Win (sup) are always the same and same with my B2B (sup) and DLP (def), I've got 2 BPD (def) and my full backs are WB (supp) and WD (def) and the GK is always SK (sup) Where I need help is that my team creates chances but they can't finish, with the control possession style we dominate the games but fail to finish the chances. We als
  2. I need a save guys! Can't get into anything at the moment and with the self isolation and quarantine need something to keep me occupied. I'm open to any team or league and any challenges or saves you've found interesting or that have caught your attention. No real criteria but I don't mind a fallen giant or rebuilding save. Cheers
  3. Hey FMers, Really struggling to find a save to get into this FM. Usually I wait a few months until the silly season of manager sackings and then replicate that in game and start unemployed and apply for some and take what I get but that hasn’t really got me going this season. Have tried Fiorentina, Monaco, Stuttgart, Arsenal, AC Milan, Fenerbache and Valencia but none have got me. Looking for some help to decide what to do. I enjoy teams with a good young core, who have some money to spend and aren’t necessarily top of their leagues, think fallen gi
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