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  1. Welcome Jake.You made a good job with Monaco,I've been in this game (CM-FM series) for a decade,and yes I have the latest version,but I rather play FM11 or FM19. I started with Brescia ,hoping to get in the top 6.I wish u much luck!
  2. Well...I never played or bought FM17. I quit buying new FM after FM16,so about 17 I really don't know.In my opinion the Best Football Manager ever is FM2011. But I'll try the demo of 17,thanks.
  3. Well said ,actually not! If I say well said it leads to a another topic -supporting the New kids,thus newgens vs. the corefans,the old generation(Me) who don't like so much the new FMs.
  4. As Always,PES has and never had problems with the licences.I wonder why? Damn ,I allready posted a comment about this problem ! Why is it so hard for FM to get all the licences like it PES always did? There's a catch and Miles won't to talk public about it! A New FM without currently one of the Best Clubs in the World...?!? Embarrassment.....
  5. ups...I can't find it !! I bought the limited edition with the documentary and it's nowhere ..? Help anyone?
  6. It' a nice Club ,but you're gonna be kicked out from the Champions League by my favorite Club ! Juventus
  7. Thank you for the answer ! Yes,I'm a new member here.But I see that other people here were also satisfied with my question-and your answer. I was at first thinking that it will be again the same thing like before...because England is not anymore a EU member and all players will have to apply for a work permit,which is very very bad for the whole football ,if you 're looking it more objectively. I am from Croatia ..an before EU it was a big deal to buy a good croatian player (Modric),because u could before have only 3 fgn players in the first squad. But today Modric has the equal status as a french,german or some other EU player...and now if you're following me it might be the same problem/limitation with the new Brexit rule. I hope u understood what I wrote ! JUVE !
  8. And,,,what's your point ?!? I play only FM2011. Only one game! Do the math.If I played the first Championship Manager..and everyone until they split to Football manager,So I played every single FM too. So I know what FM is the best for me...and I'm too old for some stupid press questions which I already knew .
  9. I play only FM2011 . It's my best Football Manager ever !
  10. Sorry for my ...lack of "new politic news"..,reason might be cuz I play FM11 too much...but can u tell me what Brexit means...is...??
  11. This is the best Football Manager !! Yea,old skool player . I played the first CM and the last FM17.....but why should I buy new editions with only 5 or even less new features??And the original PC DVD FM17 is about over 35 Euro !?? So much money for ....what?
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