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  1. @crusadertsar do you have a preference with which dominant foot your right IWB has? just curious to see the types of players available to play your system.
  2. Nice work. This has kind of made me think of doing a similar type save. Did you start off unemployed or did you pick minsk?
  3. iv used roberto firmino as a volante before. its not really about what it says they can play but the attributes the players have to play a role
  4. Any advice with mentoring? Do you guys let your assistant do it or set your own up? I'm a few months incand de ligt and de Jong personality types have gotten worse. In a group with blind de light de Jong and a balanced young defender.
  5. going to start a save. out of curiosity what leagues to you guys load while playing this save?
  6. Starting a liverpool save jan transfer window update and no transfers first window. Tactic is still getting tweaked slightly
  7. Been looking at using a RMD in my 4 2 3 1 does it matter if they play inverted or better on the side of there preferred foot. Looking at using salah at liverpool as one
  8. Just out of curiosity what leagues have you got loaded. I'm interested starting a youth only save in a small lower ranked nation and the only thing I'm unsure of is which leagues to make playable ect.
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