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  1. Have inspired me to start a benfica save, havnt done one since fm15
  2. would like to see the netherlands total football
  3. ChrisBones1990

    I need a FUN team

    lazio is a fun place to start a save!
  4. ChrisBones1990

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Starting a liverpool save jan transfer window update and no transfers first window. Tactic is still getting tweaked slightly
  5. ChrisBones1990

    FM18: FC Schalke 04 - Closing the Loop

    Been looking at using a RMD in my 4 2 3 1 does it matter if they play inverted or better on the side of there preferred foot. Looking at using salah at liverpool as one
  6. I'm thinking Finland, Norway or Denmark.
  7. Just out of curiosity what leagues have you got loaded. I'm interested starting a youth only save in a small lower ranked nation and the only thing I'm unsure of is which leagues to make playable ect.
  8. ChrisBones1990

    Liverpool FC in FM 2018

    Taa is amazing in my save!
  9. ChrisBones1990

    The 4231 Explained

    that 4231 deep has definetly given me ideas for a tactic.
  10. ChrisBones1990

    3 at the back

    i used a 3 at the back for alot of 17 and iv used it for nearly all of 18 to sucess
  11. undecided if ill wait for the full game or start mine in the beta from previous experience is it worth waiting for the full game or doesnt much change from the beta in regards to ab?
  12. ChrisBones1990

    FM17: Liverpool FC - Heavy Metal Football

    henderson is alot better than keita
  13. Pre season on my second season and really enjoying the save so far. Finished 5th in the first season, Managed to resign laporte, williams, munain and villalibre on long contracts with high release clauses. Got 2 good prospects in the first youth intake, Excited to see how they develop and hopefully i get a few more good ones. Has anyone signed Oyarzabal from sociedad if so is he hard to acquire?
  14. ChrisBones1990

    FM17: Liverpool FC - Heavy Metal Football

    @scruffy_bear Interested to see what changes you made to the tactic. I play a strikerless but with a amc as advanced playmaker and i use to inside forwards.
  15. ChrisBones1990

    FM17: Liverpool FC - Heavy Metal Football

    Im only in the second season so im thinking of restarting as i mad a few mistakes i wouldnt mind changing