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  1. Come on guys, don't make it personal. So one likes touch, one likes the full game. You both have your reasons, and most importantly, are happy playing the game of your choice. No need for "kids game" comments.
  2. So, it seems the pre-order bonus was basically a ruse....and you get it regardless of the purchase date.
  3. https://community.sigames.com/topic/377870-football-manager-2017-pcmaclinux-download-preorder-fm-touch-2017-for-3678/ Preorder FM16 and get FMT for free on PC.
  4. I have never used the sound and any improvements wouldn't change my mind. I enjoy listening to the radio, or some other form of media when I am playing.
  5. I believe he reported it in the Official Football Manager 2015 Feedback Thread 15.1.3.....the official thread created for feedback on Football Manager 2015.
  6. Technically I bought FM 14, but I could never really get into a game that lasted beyond 3 seasons. Instead, I kept going back to my FM 13 career game, where I started at Wolves and got them back into the Premiership. We became a consistent top 4 team and won the Euro Cup (a really memorable run beating Inter in the final). After 10 seasons at Wolves, I eventually got offered the job at PSG where I used their resources to build a great young team. As things stand, I am in my 12th season at PSG, making 22 in total. Trying to resist the urge to continue with my FM 13 save and focus on a FM 15 game.
  7. Well, the post in question was referring to someone who was only commenting on others opinions, and not actually on how to improve the game.
  8. Indeed, they have never done that and have always worked for the next six months to deliver a game that is seen as finished. FM is always unfinished and needing lots of tweaks upon release, and the first year they decide not to follow up on their release copy with some patches, they will see a dramatic drop in purchases for the next installment. They are not releasing patches out the goodness of their hearts, they are patching up the game because they know it is required to retain their dedicated and loyal fanbase who purchase the game every year.
  9. You can't play them all at once....I think Steam will only allow one game to be open at a time. But, they can all be installed together.
  10. Regional pricing....Thai steam store sells for this price.
  11. I just bought it on Steam for £17.25. Playing the beta now.
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