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  1. fmh 2012 on psp go?

    Pfft! You tell 'em from me, Sir! Nice one for the reply, was just looking for a bit of insight into it - if you had any obviously!
  2. fmh 2012 on psp go?

    Sorry if I come across as a crank here Marc, but any chance of the price coming down the PSP version? I would prefer FM on my PSvita rather than my iPhone or Android Tablet but can't justify paying £20 more for a version that next week will technically be last season! Is there going to be an FM13 for the Vita/PSP as well or will you be stopping it now because of the success of the the iOS/Android versions? Really bugs me the two PSP games I wouldn't mind having a go off (Ghostbusters and FM) are over £25 each!
  3. I keep getting a message saying "Warning: System is running low on memory. Please save your game and reboot your device before relaunching". What does it mean? I only have the original 8gb iPhone with half a GB spare in memory. Is this the problem? The thing is, I can just say 'Ok' when this message comes up and it'll let me play the game :-S It's just a little annoying always coming up.
  4. I want to make sweet, sweet love with you. This is awesome news.
  5. Sport Recife in Brazil. Years ago I fancied a good challenge and started off in the lower divisions of Brazil and picked Recife. Every FM since i've gone them. Find the players pics and everything. Remember one time I bought a ton of freebies and cheap youngsters (who turned out brilliant by the way!) only to find the next year that the real club had signed three of them!
  6. It pains me to say it but after playing the last two FM's on my Macbook seemlessly it seems my laptop is deemed by Si/SEGA as no longer 'good enough'. It's hard to rate the demo when I can't even play it due to the awful bugs in the Mac version. The way it's almost locked out to a lot of people who have a macbook or a macbook pro that are ten times better than some PC's that can play the game is criminal. It's for these reasons I give it a miss. Within 2 secs of playing I found major bugs that made it unplayable and then to find these were in part (not completely though) down to the useless way it's been 'ported' to Macs has annoyed me so much. The old FM's played just as well on macs as they did on Windows but now it seems us Mac users aren't worth bothering with : (