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  1. I just came here to find out whether it was worth shelling out £35 for '16. I only read this one page...think it'll stick with '15!
  2. I get this as well. I play in windowed mode and sometimes skip between the game and my desktop. When i go back into the game, the progression screen gets stuck but I can still access the game underneath. As the OP states, it has to be restarted to get out of it. I tried to print screen the game, but it only seems to print screen my desktop. If needed, I'll take a picture with my phone, but I think you get the jist.
  3. Thought I'd give this a crack with Chelsea. I'm half way through my first season and the tactic is nice and fluid. Last 5 games as follows 6-0 (A) 6-0 (H) 9-0 (H) 6-0 (H) 5-0 (A) Ridiculous really. Drogba is my highest scoring striker with 25 in 17 and I play him through the middle. Highest rated player in my squad is Azpilicueta with 8.46 in 26 game with 9.14 in the last 5 games. He really does suit this tactic so well.
  4. ^I prefer the first version myself. I also set the def mid to defend against a stronger team.
  5. Perfect example of this tactic almost failing against bigger teams. Just played Juve in the CL and I won but 7-9 over 2 legs. Wonder if tweaking the DM to Defend will help. lols at Sakho wanting to join Juventus as they are a "bigger club". errrrmmmm....
  6. Yeah I noticed that. Normally against the bigger teams in the EPL. I normally go with a more counter attack tactic instead of an all out attack. You need very fast and very good defenders for this one or it can let you down at times. My strike force is ridic though. Both Balo and Sterling are on about 30 goals and i'm only in Feb.
  7. Extremely succesful season with Liverpool on this tactic. Didn't really sign any players as I didn't have the cash. Got Valdes on free and signed Balanta. I won: EPL by 4 points. 14 game win streak a highlight. Currently 33 games without a loss. CL (Now back2back champions) FA Cup Club Championship Super Cup Balotelli, Sturridge and Sterling (Retrained as a CF) all 30+ goals each. Borini around 25 goals. Current player values: Sterling 42.5m Coutinho 40m Sturridge £30m Hendo 30m Balo 30m
  8. Done well with Liverpool in first season with this. 4th in League, but only 1 points off the title. Unfortunately had a poor run of form and lost 2/3 games in a row which cost me. Won Champions League - beating Barca 3-2 Won Carling Cup Final of FA Cup So all went well. Only bought in Valdes during the first season. Second season is starting off ropey however...won all my warm up games. Lost opening 3 games in a row to Man Utd, Chelsea and Southampton. Have only bought in 1 player, so can't say it's unbalanced the squad, but will progress with the tactic. It seems you do really need highly technical people within your team for this to be a complete success due to the possession and passing setup. I personally find players dither too much around the edge of the box instead of taking the shot
  9. Really struggling to get my strikers firing on Rainmaker. I use it for most of the time, and have set my team up as pretty much as I could with your guide in terms of the right players with the right stats but I'm half way through Jan and all my strikers, bar Suarez (14) have single figures. I just can't seem to get the support I need from the middle of the park. My Ass Man is always telling me I'm being completely over run.
  10. I'm doing well with this tactic. I do alter the strategy to "Control" against tricky teams away or big teams which seems to work for me. Forwards are enjoying pretty good success, but I agree with the post above - that must be a bug surely?
  11. I like this tactic but I pick up way to many bookings with it.
  12. I'm loving this tactic. I've tweaked it slightly, and dropped the wing backs down to go 5 across the back, but still with forward arrows. It's helping me not to concede so many crosses. (I may push them up again if I'm playing a weak team) If I'm playing a big team (a man city or utd) then I alter the LCM to the same as the RCM and drop the arrows back on that. Especially if i'm away from home. I play Suarez on the left (28 Goals in 37 games), Borini on the right (12/26games) and I had to buy another striker in January so I bought Baba (7/8games) Withouth a shadow of a doubt, one of the biggest players in this tactic is your LCM. I play Sahin here and he's 19 assists in 29 games. My last 15 games are WON 11 DRAWN 2 LOST 2 (Against Chelsea away (1-0) and Man City away (1-0)). Conceeded 11 Scored 27 3rd in the League only 3 points behind City.
  13. I play Carroll on the right in my tactics. He seems to work better there.
  14. If you want a plug and play tactic, Mr hough Swarm Tactic works very well with liverpool.
  15. Why not just create your own "non-training" schedule for injured players and a "Recovery" schedule for players you want to ease back into training and just move them accordingly?