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  1. Do you use a facepack or facial hair pack or is that the way facegen players look on FM19 default settings? Still on 18 and considering whether or not to upgrade.
  2. Well done on this save by the way! Your saves are always entertaining. Was thinking of starting a Myanmar save after watching a documentary a week ago and I think you've inspired me to start it tonight!
  3. Which leagues did you load? Just all the Asian leagues in Claassen's megapack? Also did you load any of his extra competitions as well?
  4. Yeah I don't think I've seen one either so I'm gonna do it! First post will be up either late tonight or sometime tomorrow. I'll post the link in this thread too.
  5. Good luck Great first half of the season!
  6. I'm looking to go a tiny bit smaller than Austria and at the suggestion of the other comments in this thread I'm going to do Cyprus. Thanks for the advice though. I like the look of your Austrian career though and I've followed
  7. Montserrat is a bit too small I think. The population is only around 5k. To put it in perspective San Marino's population is 33k. Plus the league only has 5 times so I think it would get old very fast.
  8. Bad new guys. I went on a 2 week holiday to the Caribbean without my laptop to "deprogram" and just enjoy the beach. When I came back I swiftly finished 2 seasons which I was about to post here when my save file got corrupted. I had the rolling autosave set to every 3 months but I never triggered it because I'm pretty paranoid and would save manually every few weeks. The problem is, I just kept overwriting the one save file so when it got corrupted I had no backups. I've been playing FM since 09 and I've never had a corrupted save file so I didn't even think it would happen to me. 5 seasons and probably around 30-35 hours of gametime down the drain... I've been so disheartened because this was the first long term save that I've really gotten into in so long. I haven't even been able to play FM at all lately. But I'm ready to get back into things and start another save. Except this time I will be MUCH more diligent about making backups. Do you guys have any suggestions on what my next long term save should be? I only really have two conditions for clubs to choose from: It is a second division club or lower. There's just something about getting promoted that adds to the long term saves for me. The club is from a country that's not in the Big 5 leagues in Europe but it doesn't HAVE to be in Europe. If I do choose a club in Europe I want one that has a normal fall-to-spring schedule. I'm also still going to do youth only. Some ideas I currently have: Barbados (I'm half Barbadian). Would be an interesting career with many steps. Would have to try to supplant Jamaican, Haitian, and Trinidadian clubs to win the Caribbean Champions League. If you win the Caribbean Champions league you gain entry straight into the Concacaf champions league. But 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of the Caribbean Champs league gains entry into a competition called the Concacaf league. Which is a 16 club tournament in which the winner also gets a spot in the Concacaf Champions league. Complicated, yes. But Claassen has does done an amazing job of replicating the process in his megapack. The only problem with this save is all the teams in Barbados are amateur ones and managing all the amateur contracts is a MASSIVE hassle that adds so much time to play sessions. Thailand. Never done an asian save. I'm interested in trying it out. Thailand has 3 full divisions and seems like a fun place to start. Less reputable African nation such as Ethiopia, Kenya or Tanzania Cyprus. Try to supplant APOEL as the main domestic power in the country and bring the island nation to glory. Feel free to suggest other options!
  9. I've been playing him just like Arsenal do in real life. As an AP (s) on the right wing of a 3-4-3. He's done very well for me.
  10. Thanks! And yeah I enjoy the smaller European nations over something in Africa or Oceania because you can work yourself up to the CL
  11. Thanks! I know this save is gonna be a long one. And I know I'm going to hit a wall at some point but I'm having a lot of fun so far. And I'm proud of my progress in 3 seasons.
  12. 2019/20 Season Review We started the season off pretty terribly but then ended the first half of the season strong. After the winter break we were winless in our first 6 games back, but then went undefeated in our last 6. A very solid upper-midtable finish in which we vaulted from 6th to 4th on the last day. We went from conceding the 3rd most goals last season to the second least which really helped us eek out some undeserved draws and wins. Dudelange win their 4th straight title very easily going undefeated in the process. After Dudelange there's a big gap and then Progres and Fola Esch make up the "2nd tier of teams." Then there's another big gap before the "3rd tier" of clubs which includes us, Differdange, and Jeunesse Esch. A very successful season but our work for the future is cut out for us. It's looking like Dudelange are going to be harder to topple than I originally thought. Progress: Still no facilities upgrades in 3 seasons though I just got the board to agree to upgrade the training facilities. The league ranking took another drop which is not good but hopefully once we get into Europe we can help to rectify that. Our finances took a very small hit but that was due to our TV money decreasing by 60k out of nowhere. I haven't found an explanation for why it dropped so precipitously. The national team ranking takes a bit of a tumble but that's not too important. I actually got offered the job to manage the national team but turned it down. Too early in the save to take them over in my opinion.
  13. Yeah I think he does play for Metz. And thanks! Gonna be posting a lot more in the next few weeks so stay tuned.
  14. Sorry guys I've barely been able to play FM at all lately. Very busy with work. But I have this next month off so hopefully I can fly through some seasons in the next few weeks. 2020 Youth Intake Pretty decent intake with 2 players ready to make some first team appearances right off the bat. Claude Thill is a midfielder which we need badly but Kerschen is gonna be blocked by our 16 year old 5 star CA keeper Minelli from last year's intake. We have some Portuguese 2nd nationalities which is to be expected but we also have a Bosnian one which is kind of random. We still have limited youth recruitment so I'm very happy with how these last two intakes have gone since the first one was so meh. I have a feeling next year's one is gonna be a dud though Claude Thill 10 first touch and passing at only 16 is very good for this level. Good determination, work rate, and team work which is always nice. Okay physicals besides stamina and strength. I'm not sure what they're putting in the water here in Canach but all of my youth intake players have TERRIBLE strength. I don't think I've gotten a single one above 6 or 7. Yannick Kerschen Will most likely be an understudy for Minelli for the foreseeable future. He has 14 rushing out so I might try to train him as a sweeper keeper. We'll see.
  15. Midtable in your first season in the top flight is a good season! And Rooney with those terrible physicals That Rijeka draw is definitely not too bad though
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