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  1. Not good. Our best player at the moment and our only creative midfielder has officially refused to sign a new contract. Looks like we're gonna be losing him on a Bosman as well. Looks like next season is gonna be a struggle to stay up as well.
  2. 2018/19 Season Review: We had a pretty putrid run to end the season winning only 1 our our last 7 games and drawing none. Luckily our first half form kept us up along with the other clubs battling relegation performing just as bad. After being tipped by oddsmakers to finish last we finish a respectable 8th, firmly in midtable, 8 points clear of relegation. We really need to try to do something about our defense because even while playing a 4-1-4-1 with a low block we're just leaking goals. I'm gonna try out a 4-4-2 tactic next year to see if we can try to not defend so deeply. I feel that we're inviting too much pressure currently, but on the other hand our backline is so slow that I feel that playing higher will leave us vulnerable. Food for thought... Progress: The cancelled youth facilities upgrade from the first season is still annoying me but it is what it is. Our club ranking has gone from .5* to 1* so that's nice. The league ranking dropped a bit due to the better teams not doing well in European competitions. We got knocked out in the first round of the cup but it was a close game vs another midtable team and I was glad that we could focus on the league instead. Our finances are looking very healthy since everyone is still on very small contracts but that could change soon. I was hoping our season ticket and average attendance numbers would jump a bit more due to us playing in the National Division though. The National team ranking jumped up to 133 but that isn't really my doing at all. I was pretty surprised as to how much the TV money was for a midtable team in the Luxembourg National Division but I'm not complaining! Onto next season!!
  3. [FM18] Ta' Xbiex SC - Youth Only Malta

    Glenn Vella losing out on Player of the Season despite having 30 goals and 22 assists on the season...
  4. 2019 Youth Intake: Everyone's favorite time of year. Youth intake day. And after a very lackluster one last season we bagged ourselves a wonderkid it looks like. Besides Damien Minelli we have one decent CB and the rest are below average. But Minelli more than makes up for it. He's 15 and ready to start in the league. And has just as good, if not better stats in most categories compared to our current 5 star current ability keeper Cadabra. But Cadabra is 34, and Minelli is the perfect replacement. Take a look at his stats. Damien Minelli 15 reflexes at 15 years old. 6'3 with hopefully some room to grow. Low determination but hopefully we can tutor that out of him. My only concern is how long we're gonna be able to hold onto him. Claude Steinmetz The only other really decent prospect out of the bunch. Good tackling, heading, and teamwork along with a tasty determination of 16 is nice. For some reason though all my youth players always have such terrible stamina. shouldn't be too bad for a CB but still.
  5. 2018/19 Midseason Update: Against all odds we are somehow sitting 7th in the table, though we are only 4 points above the relegation playoff spot. The 4 draws to start the season against some good opposition really have helped in terms of us being midtable at the halfway point in the season. We are really struggling to score goals without Mukendi up top and we suffered 3 ugly losses in a row in which we gave up 4 goals in each, probably due to losing Nana K. Etzella Ettelbruck, the team that dominated last season and were champions of the second division are essentially guaranteed to go back down again with only 2 points all season. Crazy seeing as they only lost 2 games during their promotion campaign. I did some research as to how this could happen when I came across their transfer page. Basically every single member of Ettelbruck's starting XI got poached by other first division sides. They essentially lost their whole team. And I thought I had it bad when I lost my 2 best players. Other promotion team Rumelange is sitting in 6th place and they are looking pretty strong. The title race is basically a two horse race between Dudelange and Fola Esch so it should be interesting to see how it unfolds in the second half. In interviews reporters have mentioned to me how in this league 30 points is considered automatic safety so if we can keep our form it looks like we might stay up this season. We have a very thin squad in terms of first team quality players so I feel like the outcome of our season depends on our injuries.
  6. First game of the season and we squeak out a draw to Differdange in a game in which we were outshot 28-1. 1 crucial point but this could very well be a long season.
  7. After a preseason where we lost our starting left back for 2-3 months and our best midfielder for 4-6 weeks we head into the season predicted to finish dead last. Hopefully we can prove them all wrong!
  8. Oseias would actually be a pretty good general coach for this level but he wants 300/week when the max we can offer is 80! I'll add him to our staff shortlist and maybe we can pick him back up in the future.
  9. And now we are down to only one elderly Brazilian
  10. And another one of our elderly Brazilians wants to hang his boots up.
  11. Oh no! Oseias has announced he will retire this summer. I've opted to ask him to reconsider.
  12. We've managed to retain our 2 best players after Nana K and Mukendi. Texeira was part of the midfield duo with Nana and Negi was a fine defensive right back. This is huge for us. We needed them to re-sign if we were going to stay up.
  13. Progress: Here's the spreadsheet I made for the club's progress. Finances looking healthy and we were able to update our junior coaching. The board cancelling the youth facilities upgrade and stonewalling any attempt of mine to upgrade our youth recruitment really hurts though. The national team dropped by a few spots but we'll be looking to remedy quickly hopefully.
  14. We dominated them. What a final performance from the departing players. I wonder if Mukendi realized after his brace that he relegated his future team? Now onto the National Division. Gonna be a tough task to stay up.