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  1. So this happens when I alt-tab while loading a save.... I'm playing this windowed and it's so annoying, because loading a save takes a bit of time, so I often (just a habit) alt-tab and do other things. But I think every time it crashes EHM, very frustrating.
  2. I continued from my last 1.3 save, played a few matches, simulates two weeks, played a few more. Saving/loading works now... so dunno what's up. But I'll just reload and continue from this save, no problems. Thanks for a great game!
  3. Hey, I already posted on Steam forum but then I noticed your own forums, so here goes: Hey, My games saved with 1.4 won't load. I'm getting this error: fixture_manager::load_check_fixture_legs() - cannot read structure Any ways to fix OR revert back to the previous version so I can keep on playing? (I can still load a 30 min older save with game version 1.3 tag) Thanks.
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