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  1. I guess I meant more like is this still being looked at or should I just move past it in my save if it isn't going to be fixed. Thanks
  2. Hi Glenn, Has this been sorted? I'm running into it with my Serie A save. 2nd season in Serie A - didn't have this pop up during the first season - December 23, 2023 just got a "Pre-season preparation" notification. Says start of pre-season is 12/30/2023 and last 33 weeks... has me setting up pre-season training schedule (Tactical, Technical, Heavy, etc.). Running on 20.2.3-1330207 (m.e v2026). I can provide a save upload file if needed.
  3. Hi Neil, thanks for the update. I think holidaying through your promotion chances seems a bit silly, so I'll just wait for a patch I guess!
  4. It persisted on mine. Not going to leave promotion up to holidaying chance, seems kind of silly. I'll be waiting for an update as well. Apparently this is wide spread.
  5. I tried out the public-beta as well, and still unable to click through off of fixture page to match preview. Again, devs are apparently aware of this, just updating this thread for any of them that happens to look at it.
  6. What's weird for me is this only happened in the second year, not the first. I was in the playoffs in the first and also playing against a team in a different Serie C division... so why now? Curious if yours was also after a first season or maybe the game update happened between then and now?
  7. Summary: I cannot click to the actual Match Preview in a match, the game is still responsive, but I can't play another game. Description of Issue: I am in a playoff match in the Italian Serie C (promotion playoff). I am matched up against a team not in my league (Serie C/C is my league, Serie C/A is theirs). The draw has happened, I've gotten to the fixture page, clicked "Match Preview"... and nothing happens. I can't move forward in the game. FM is still responsive - I can click to other screens, do whatever else I need to do, but I cannot move forward to the actual match preview and cannot play the next game. This might be related to this other Match Preview crash report. I've also gone back to a backup save made 4 days prior, same draw, same result. Cannot get past the Match Preview stage. Steps to Reproduce: Load the file I uploaded to OwnCloud, then try to click Match Preview to move the game forward. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Grayhair Gaming - Reggiana - broken2.fm Version of FM: 20.2.0-1323779 (m.e v2026) Edit: I vacationed forward to the second leg, same problem. Can't click Match Preview. Game appears broken at this point.
  8. When calling up players for international camps (say EUROs or World Cup), I'm allowed to pick 30 players, and then a bit later I have to cut the squad down to 23 with zero indication of how players performed in camp. Aside from a "top 23" player picking up an injury in camp (and using someone from the 30 instead), it seems that camps are pointless. I'd like to see "camp ratings" where if one of your best 23 "on the bubble" players has a horrific camp, and one of your next 7 "outside the bubble" players has an amazing camp, you would then have a justification to make a switch. Re: International Captains - this might be user error, but the game just dropped the captaincy from my former captain (who is now without a team contract), auto-selected next team captain and vice captain, and I've got unhappy squad players because I "didn't give the captain enough time". Again maybe I hit continue and missed something in my inbox, but if I didn't, I'd like more control over something like this and the option to explain why the former captain -- who was old and not playing well for his club -- was dropped, etc.
  9. Not sure how to export as XML, I tried exporting at DBC and it won't load into 19's Editor.
  10. So I've had some FM18 databases I was hoping to use in FM19, but it looks like the new editor doesn't even recognize them as files...
  11. Stars: black border is good idea, poor implementation. Too small on my 1920x1080 screen. Legit squinting going on. 50-100% increase in star size and you'll have it right. Colors: changes to physical condition/match sharpness - very neon, but works. More visible. Thumbs up. Match warmup/lineup screen (with the pictures of players in the formation): significantly worse - opponent played a 433 and couldn't tell if the middle 3 were CM or DM. My DM's "card" overlaps with the CMs. Significant step backwards. See screenshots attached; sorry for half of my ugly mug! Player Ratings during match: dropped the hundredths column - good - but seems smaller height wise? Or I could be crazy. Penalties: I'm still hearing no whistle for penalty decisions by the ref? And to top it off I just had an opponent's goal disallowed for being offside on a corner that they were taking...?
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