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  1. Hey peeps. How have you guys got on with Nketiah? I've just been offered £41M from Wolves, 31M upfront. My main strike force is Aubameyang with 25 goals & Lacazette 32 goals (both all comps). Nketiah has only made 12 appearances (I recalled him from loan in Jan, so hasn't had a full season) with 10 goals. 11 of those were as a sub too. So, should I accept 41M?
  2. Buying/Selling: BUYING Player Name: Oscar Your Team: Arsenal Buyer/Seller: Chelsea Player's Value: 28M Offer: 23 Transfer/Wage Budget: 73Mish/2.9M Patch: 16.3 Season:2
  3. Been offered Falcao by his agent, he's unhappy at Ath.Madrid, requested a transfer request which he got so he's been transfer listed yet they still want 42.5M!!
  4. I'm snap Fellaini up then. ^^ I went on for Gotze they came back with a negotiated offer for 39.5M....No thanks.
  5. Fellaini for 22M, is he worth it? That's the cheapest Everton will let him go for, Man City are after him as well.
  6. What can I look to run with this set up (Not very good) Windows 7 64bit AMD E2-1800 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.70GHz 4GB RAM
  7. Ahh heck I'll just get it now then I have t ready and I didn't know the bugs get fixed in the saved games too. Anyhow this will be my first FM since FM2010 or 2009 - can't remember which - so I look forward to it!
  8. Was going to buy FM2013 this weekend, is it worth it or should I just wait until the update comes before I get this and start a new game?
  9. Can anyone help as to why when i try and load this database when it comes to finding manager targets it crashes or loads extremely slow, thanks in advance
  10. Just tried loading this, but when it comes to finding manager targets it takes ages, can anyone help me with this.
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