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  1. Holy crap! Didn't realise you could double click the sub headers... I'm an idiot! Many thanks for this
  2. That's a good idea, although I don't have those databases anymore and would have to redownload and create them. Decent plan as a last resort though, thanks
  3. Hi all, apologies if there's already an answer floating about for this. I can't seem to find one! I'm trying to edit the rules for each league in the game so that no foreign players are allowed (i.e. every player in La Liga is Spanish, Ligue 1 is French, etc.) Just thinking it would be interesting what impact that would have on the development of clubs, leagues, and nations... especially in South America. Hopefully their leagues can be restored to former glory before all the best players jumped ship to Europe! I'm sure I've been able to do it in previous versions of the game but can't find the option for 21 Any help please?
  4. Hi, Did either of you find a fix for this? I'm creating a combined GB (England/Scotland/Wales) pyramid, and I'm running into the same issue! I tried Dallan's solution above but couldn't get it to work... I feel like it should do and it's definitely along the right track though. I've tried creating this database in previous versions of the game but always stumbled at this bit and eventually gave up. It would be great to finally crack it!! Cheers guys
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