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  1. Hi all! Has anyone recreated De Zerbi's tatcics at Sassuolo? Expecially the use of "juego de posicion" (sorry but i don't know how to say that in English!) with two different formations, 433 and 3421/343. Thanks!
  2. In the last transfers window i sold one player who was quite influential. One of my other players, particularly affine with him, came to me asking why, and I explained him that i had to sell the player in order to give more playing time to a youngster. He was ok, but i have to meet this promise: I'm effectively playing the young talent, but it doesn't seem being enough. What should I do to meet the promise?
  3. I don't completely agree with @Ji-Sung Park regarding the Hamsik role: a CM(a) with some PIs isn't a pure runner but gets also a lot of assists from through balls and is well involved in the play, obviously not as much as if was a playmaker. Other than that, both RPM and AP(a) have "dribble more" by default (at least i remebmer so, not sure!), and that PI doesn't suit the Hamsik role at all.
  4. Insigne in real life is a playmaker but in FM i find the role too conservative, so i'm playing him as an IF(s). As for Hamsik, i still play him as CC(a) with some PIs. He is still a scoring treaht, something like 3 goals in last 4 matches in real life!
  5. Thanks to everyone for the answers! Probably I wans't able to describe my problem accurately, so lately i will let images speak for me. However, i have tried some of your suggestions. Yes probably if I saw that formation posted by another person i would have the same doubts. But i can assure you that i've never seen big problems regarding too many players forward (at least not yet , i've only played about 15 matches with this system). I mean, sometimes we are caught out of position but it's just few times, and it's a risk that i have to run playing in this way. Probably the high
  6. Hi all, i'm currently finding a lot of trouble defending from crosses. I don't think that the problem is in the overall tatcic (even if there is also room to improve ) and i'll explain you why: the problem is not that i have no cover because too many players are high up the pitch, nor the excessive freedom left to opposing crossers. The problem is that, despite an advantage in numbers in the penalty area, opposing forwards most of the times find a way to score or at least to test my gk. The instruction that confuses me most is the TI "use tighter marking". I initially used that TI in orde
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