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  1. Hi all! Has anyone recreated De Zerbi's tatcics at Sassuolo? Expecially the use of "juego de posicion" (sorry but i don't know how to say that in English!) with two different formations, 433 and 3421/343. Thanks!
  2. In the last transfers window i sold one player who was quite influential. One of my other players, particularly affine with him, came to me asking why, and I explained him that i had to sell the player in order to give more playing time to a youngster. He was ok, but i have to meet this promise: I'm effectively playing the young talent, but it doesn't seem being enough. What should I do to meet the promise?
  3. Quick question for people who plays long term saves: how do you do that? I mean, i'd like to play a save for let's say 20 or 30 years (in game years of corse ) but i just can't do that, because i spend almost an hour per match. So how can you do that? What type of highligts do you use? Or do you just use the instant result? Or do you go "faster" in any other aspect of the game? Really, i don't know how people do, and i'd like to know because i'd like to try a long term save!
  4. Hi all, I'm starting to think that the player trait "Likes to try to beat the offside trap" is something that you should not want for your players to have. I say that because players with this PPM, even if they have great attributes in Off The Ball and Anticipation and good Decisions, like Higuain Icardi Belotti or Callejon, are caught too many times (something like 5+ times per match) in offside, and they don't seem to be effectively able to "beat" the offside trap. Doesn't matter if it's me or the AI who controls the player with the PPM, and when i play him it doesn't matter if is with an attack or support duty. So, as the title says, does anyone find this trait useful? I'm very curious, let me know
  5. I don't completely agree with @Ji-Sung Park regarding the Hamsik role: a CM(a) with some PIs isn't a pure runner but gets also a lot of assists from through balls and is well involved in the play, obviously not as much as if was a playmaker. Other than that, both RPM and AP(a) have "dribble more" by default (at least i remebmer so, not sure!), and that PI doesn't suit the Hamsik role at all.
  6. Insigne in real life is a playmaker but in FM i find the role too conservative, so i'm playing him as an IF(s). As for Hamsik, i still play him as CC(a) with some PIs. He is still a scoring treaht, something like 3 goals in last 4 matches in real life!
  7. Thanks to everyone for the answers! Probably I wans't able to describe my problem accurately, so lately i will let images speak for me. However, i have tried some of your suggestions. Yes probably if I saw that formation posted by another person i would have the same doubts. But i can assure you that i've never seen big problems regarding too many players forward (at least not yet , i've only played about 15 matches with this system). I mean, sometimes we are caught out of position but it's just few times, and it's a risk that i have to run playing in this way. Probably the high press and the good offside trap (even if not selected as TI) are helping a lot. I was not likely to use defensive centre backs because they don't match how i want to play, due to direct passes. However i've tried them for some matches and both my cbs played greatly. I still can't explain that because i have always thought that cb roles differed only for on the ball behavior. May be that i have just been lucky in this last matches, i really don't know! Regarding the fullbacks i've tried for a some minutes the IWB but I really don't like how it plays, so I returned my old the FB(A). On the right the change was great, the defend duty helped a lot, freeing the left cb to go wider if necessary. I think i'll try a WB(D), to make him work a little more like Hysaj in real life. The only PI's i use (if you are asking to me ) is "much less closing down" for my cbs, as without that PI they were going too much around the pitch. Now i would have liked to post a video to show better where my concerns are but i can't export them, so i'll go with some screenshots: Here is the issue i had when i was using tight marking TI. It's an away CL match against Celtic. We have a great numerical advantage in the box (8 vs 4) but 3(!) of my defenders ar marking the ball carrier (you see that better in the second screenshot). The red circle is where one of my three players should have been in order to intercept the pass (i'm not a paint master ). Add to that that my n17 is the CC(A) and he's not the best defensively, so their n18 can score an easy tap in. But in my opinion the greatest problem here is the 3vs1 that leaved that space in front of the goal. Now the issue that i have without that TI. It's an away match against Crotone. Again you can see that i have a great numerical advantage (4vs1 in the centre of the box), and this time my defenders seem to just not care about the opposing striker (expecially n62 who is very close to him). So the result is their striker free to head and obviously to score. Now i know that they are just 2 examples and so may be that are just player mistakes, but i feel that there is some reason behind, because of the almost opposite behavior between mark tighter being selected or not. Again, thanks in advance!
  8. Hi all, i'm currently finding a lot of trouble defending from crosses. I don't think that the problem is in the overall tatcic (even if there is also room to improve ) and i'll explain you why: the problem is not that i have no cover because too many players are high up the pitch, nor the excessive freedom left to opposing crossers. The problem is that, despite an advantage in numbers in the penalty area, opposing forwards most of the times find a way to score or at least to test my gk. The instruction that confuses me most is the TI "use tighter marking". I initially used that TI in order to have a better pressing in the opposing third, and in that sense it worked well. But, as a drawback, when whe were forced to defend i found often two or even three of my defenders marking the same opponent, obviously leaving another striker completely free to shot. So i've dropped off that TI, and the results are different but not better: now seems that my defenders just "admire" the ball crossed, not caring abaut opposing strikers that have space and time to attack the ball. Here is the tactic, however as i said before i'm having major problems only with that particular aspect and with the overall tactic i'm currently quite happy. Because of the control mentality and the high closing down in t wuold have been ok if most problems were from balls over the top, but these goals conceded from crosses leave me not happy at all. The only relevant PI here is "much less closing down" for CBs. An other thing, as you may assume, i'm managing Napoli so, while not obviously the best in the world, my defenders aren't bad at all. I would really appreciate any help so thanks in advance!
  9. I've tried to do that. But now that i have assigned the 3 suggested tutors to other tutees, this leaves me with no suitable tutors for Ruiz, according to the game. It also says that the "problem" is the position Ok Belec (he is a goalkeeper ), but for Capuano there should not be any problem! I have signed him (the tutor) in the last transfer window too, as a fisrt team player, and he played every match from his arrival. However, I don't think that this is the problem because Capuano could tutor other players, but just doesn't seem to "see" Ruiz. The only other thing that comes to my mind is that they are both new signings, but again i don't think that this should be a problem. Thanks a lot for the complete rules! Sadly the two players are ok in all that rules, and i have cecked it more and more times. I'm also sure that the tutee isn't an estabilished member (still no first team matches) and about the reputation. It seems, like I wrote in answer to another message, that the "problem" is the position, but it should not be a problem.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately the situation is the same: Capuano has 4 grey stars, while Ruiz has 3 grey stars I would really know where the issue is...
  11. From development----->tutoring the game suggests three other players (As you can see here the dc role is listed) Do you know if is there another way to request a tutor from the tutee?
  12. I thought about that, so initially i didn't send him on a course, but the tutor didn't see him the same. So now he is taking a language course. No, i have not changed anything. (at least I think) But if i go in development---<tactics (from Riuz's profile) it says that he's accomplished! It seems that in my game under the name of the player shows only natural positions
  13. Hi all, i'have just bought a youngster and i would like to have him tutored by another player. But, for some reason, when I go to the tutor's profile and check for possible tutees I can't find the one i want. Here are the two players involved: (the first image will always be the tutor and the second one will always be the tutee ) I have found on the inernet (not on this forum) a list of requirements for a tutoring, and it seems to me that everything is ok: The tutor and the tutee must share a good level of familiarity with a common position In the DC position the tutor is natural and the tutee is accomplished The tutor must have a higher reputation than the tutee Capuano is "Decent", while Ruiz is "Nominal" The tutor must be 24 years old and at least a few years older than the tutee As you can see in the first screenshot, Capuano is 26 and Ruiz is 19 The tutee must be no more than 23 Same as before The tutor must have sufficient importance within the squad Again, you can see that he is "First Team" The tutee must have a squad status of "rotation" or lower He is an "Hot Prospect", so it's ok The tutor and the tutee must not be injuried Both are very healthy The tutor must not be undertaking PPMs He is not doing that Of course none of them is tutoring/being tutored, and the tutor hasn't tutored anyone yet. So, after all this words, the question is: what am i missing? Why can't make Capuano tutor Ruiz?
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