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  1. Hey @knapquick question, if its not a bother, which one is the highest scoring tactic, for top clubs? Even if its not the absolute most optimal, points wise.
  2. 148 goals?! WHAT IN THE ACTUAL LORD?! Didn't think you could improve this one further, v5 has been great for me (Use it in mainly in CL and it CRUSHES opponent). Definitely taking a look at it.
  3. I know, I'm looking for a cleaner one, care to recommend one?
  4. Here, I decided to buy the ingame editor solely to check player's PA once I bought them (to see if I got it right), because scouting doesnt' tell you everything from youngster in lesser known leagues/clubs. His Off the ball needs work, but composure and finish are very good, specially for a 17 year old, and I feel like if he can grow to have good attacking stats, it'd be a waste to leave him as a midfielder.
  5. I don't know if this belongs in this forum, but I need help. I recently acquired a regen with 197 PA. It's a 17 year old Colombian midfielder. I honestly don't know what to do, since he's got good physicals already and has 15 dribbling, 15 first touch, 12 finishing. I was wondering whether I can train him to become a forward (currently not within his positions). What would you guys do with him?
  6. What's the workrate of your wingbacks? That's incredibly important to this tactic. Was using it with Everton, but the wingbacks I had were barely on 13 workrate. If you don't have players with 13+ there, you risk getting countered and scored by simple crosses. With higher workrate, you shouldn't have a problem. Also, check if you need defensive positioning as match training. I usually leave it to the AM, but check if you need to do it yourself. Aditionally, I'd recommend testing his changes to the tactic that he listed above, I haven't ever gotten countered from the wings since making the changes, try it and see how it goes for you.
  7. Just quickly stopping by to leave my two cents. Currently testing the modifications suggested to the tactic. Only three games in, so it's not enough to give definitive results, but I did just get my highest scoring win ever in the PL. Me, as Chelsea, with an admittedly good squad (my personal glory was being able to retrain Cesc to B2B and snapping up Bonnuci and Pepe, since both were transferlisted). Still, getting to beat 9-man West Ham 10-0 was quite something. The best (or worst) part was that it could have been more? Had my strikers actually taken the great crosses Bertrand was providing. Tactic seems much solid at the back, specially the wings. They don't seem quite as open as before and that allows for more movement in attack and more crosses, so the change also seems to help in attack. Will upload actual screenshots when I finish the season, since I have no WIFI right now (writing this from my phone).
  8. Yup, this tactics performance has drastically dropped. The weird part is that it only has changed in two different part.cfirst, the strikers now seem to have lost all shred of consistency. They can't finish a chance to save their lives. Not even talking about 50/50 chances, but clear-cut tap ins seem impossible for them now. The other is that there seems to be an increased chance ps for players to commit fouls that result in straight up red cards and fouls in the box, resulting in penalties, even on the edge of the box. The tactic took a massive hit with the update. I hope you update it, was getting great results with Chelsea. The one thing that works the same is the midfield, the B2B have bailed me out at time were my strikers have been consistently ****.
  9. How do they not know of your reputation here? Anyways, I'll try this one, at least test it. I see average possession is a bit too low, for a Guardiola tactic, that is. Pep's Bayern had a monstrous percentage of possession, but I'll wait and see. It'd be a good idea to post the tips of the OG post in FM base here (Management, team talks, etc).
  10. I am so far dissapointed with this tactic. Maybe it's because ghost set such a high standard for my in terms of goalscoring and solidity at the back, but this one seems like a lesser tactic. Nowhere near as high scoring, in fact both of my forwards seem less involved in attacks and don't either make the right moves, are too far in midfield (even the CF) or just plain waste chances. It's also far less solid at the back than ghost. I'm willing to compromise in conceeding goals, if in turn we score like crazy, but so far this hasn't been the case with this tactic. Hope it gets better. (Sidenote, no one has actually done a complete domination tactic for this fm, right? High possession, high scoring, low conceding? I know it's gamebreaking, but those are fun, just to see how much you can dominate a team)
  11. I've looking for P&P strategies, which don't seem to be common in FM17, because I don't have a lot of time to make a strategy myself, but si really love to play FM. Still, Ghost has made me want to try all the other strategies you have, to see which ones adapt to small, medium and big teams, to do a Journeyman career with only your tactics. My first season (Tested with Chelsea) went well beyond my expectations, with 132 goals scored and 23 conceded, which isn't quite close to the 10-1 goal ratio a tactic had back in FM15, but fair enough. Currently on my second season, I spend all of last season unsettling Griezmann and Sanchez so their club would sell and got the front three of Hazard-Sanchez-Griezmann. Safe to say, I expected some goals. However, never have I gotten something like the 8-0... EIGHT-****ING-NIL, destruction of Arsenal and a modest subsequent 5-0 victory against Gladbach in the CL. I don't use editors, don't see the point in taking out more of the challenge, I'm just generous with my rotation Safe to say that I completely trust your tactics and will look forward to more tactics and updates! Keep em coming! (P.S. would have wanted to post a picture but I'm writing this from my phone and there's a 2mb cap for files)
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