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  1. I was using argus 343 and argus 3222. I'm guessing you've not made any tweaks to those yet or are they still working?
  2. Hi Knap, I'm doing an online save with one of my friend. I'm the host of the save. If I was to change over to the Beta version, would the online game change to the Beta version too? Thanks
  3. Hi TFF, Quick question, how do you get your wingers/inverted forwards to close down more? I'm trying to do a tactic of my own but it doesn't seem to give me the option to get the wingers to close down more? The pressing intensity max out at standard for me. Thanks
  4. How long is the Chelsea ban till? Is it the full season? Can't seem to even sign anybody for the future just now. Will it be lifted in January or will I have to wait till summer time to buy players (or buy in advance for the summer)
  5. I currently have a Sony Xperia Z tablet and I was thinking of downloading fm 18 touch, Can anybody advice how the game is likely to run? Will I be able to play games in 3D and will the processing speed be fine etc Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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