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  1. Don't expect Sheffield to be winning the league obviously but I don't know who in the premier League is predicted to finish 20th in the game but say it is Sheffield and Liverpool are predicted to finish first. You used the 2 teams to test it and Liverpool finished first and Sheffield finished say 8th-10th. It'll show that this tactic is useable with smaller teams and would make it easier for people who are managing underdog teams to use this tactic to outperform where they're expected to finish? Just thought it would make the testing a bit more interesting as obviously with a
  2. Don't even mean testing that low mate. Even when you're testing with Liverpool in the save, couldn't you do the testing for like say a Sheffield United, Burnley or a team like that in the same testing that you post? Would be interesting to see how the team's predicted to finish lower down defy the odds with the tactics
  3. Knap, Great tactics as usual and loads that's giving great results with the top sides. I take it you sim the seasons with those tactics? Since you do it with the top teams in the league, have you ever thought of simming the games with both the top team and the weakest team in the division on the same save at the same time? Would be great to be able to see how the tactics work with the smaller teams as well.
  4. I was using argus 343 and argus 3222. I'm guessing you've not made any tweaks to those yet or are they still working?
  5. Hi Knap, I'm doing an online save with one of my friend. I'm the host of the save. If I was to change over to the Beta version, would the online game change to the Beta version too? Thanks
  6. Hi TFF, Quick question, how do you get your wingers/inverted forwards to close down more? I'm trying to do a tactic of my own but it doesn't seem to give me the option to get the wingers to close down more? The pressing intensity max out at standard for me. Thanks
  7. How long is the Chelsea ban till? Is it the full season? Can't seem to even sign anybody for the future just now. Will it be lifted in January or will I have to wait till summer time to buy players (or buy in advance for the summer)
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