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  1. Whilst I appreciate FM Draft is a slimmed down version of a standard Football Manager save, Opposition Instructions provides so much extra so gameplay that IMHO, it's crucial. If there was a reason why it is purposely not added to it, then I'd be open to hearing about it. It's important that my players know who to mark tightly always or never, and which foot to show wingers onto, especially those who have a very weak foot! I'm here getting beat my AI's with an entire Aston Villa team + Lewandowski & Kroos, whilst I'm here with European Superstars and I'm getting pummelled. Something isn't
  2. I'm in discussion with a player at the moment who has consistently been in the red in terms of training performance levels, and is only at 6.00 at the time of having this conversation. He wants more playing time, but I'll only play him more if he works harder in training. As a manager who uses the training performance levels a lot, mainly to dictate starting XIs, it would be really beneficial to be able to say to a play "Look, if you work harder in training, I'll give you some match time." Thank you!
  3. I'm not sure if this is a bug or just part of the gameplay. I've had multiple players sign contracts with development loans as a promise within their contract. Such loans have been found and agreed, however the players have turned them down and refused to go on loan. The promise does end up going away with "player appreciates effort has been made etc" but it's very difficult to get players to agree to a loan. Similarly, players who don't have that development promise are also declining a lot of loan moves. It seems to be a lot more recently than earlier in the game or i
  4. Hello. Very minor issue and is just me being pedantic I feel. I went to recruit another Sports Scientist and saw that there are two hollow spaces showing for the medical department, when underneath it says all are full except space for one more sports scientist. This could be me overlooking something that I'm unaware of, but I thought I'd report it nonetheless.
  5. Update: I've just watched back the match highlights, goals only and on the replay, it also skips the ghost goal. Goes straight from showing the 2nd goal (2-0) to the 4th goal (3-1). Hope this post helps
  6. I've attached the PKM relevant to this topic. In the game, a goal was awarded (for my team, thankfully) that wasn't actually scored. The scoreboard says 3-0 after 38 minutes, and Pau Torres was the scorer. However, there wasn't a highlight for this and even went I watched through from 33 minutes to 42, there wasn't a goal scored either. It also doesn't show a goal on the end of game xG chart. Chelsea v Wolves.pkm
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