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  1. Hi, Forgot to update last night but some mixed results. I dominated all but 1 of the 5 games I ended up playing. Despite that, I lost 3. 1 loss was to Prem Bournemouth in the EFL 3-1. I had the best of the game but lost to superior finishing. Another was 1-0 when i absolutely dominated allnaspects of the match. Only had 4 shots against compared to my 20 something but still somehow managed to lose. This isnt unusual at the start of a season though so not deterred by it. My worst result was a 4-0 thrashing where I was just battered throughout but I countered that with an 8-1 demolition of Crewe at home so still some promising signs! I need the tactics to bed in for a few more games but I think its looking good. One thing to mention, I seem to be playing with quite a high tempo in the default mode. I forgot to check what it's set at but it seems to be working nonetheless so will stick with it. The reason I mention this is because in the tactic usage section you mention default being a much lower tempo in line with Hustler but they're pinging the ball around quite quickly. BG
  2. Hi Franky, I've played through pre-season with the first version of this (before the last update) and it's been going well. I just played each match with it in it's default form and gave Stoke a 4-0 spanking along the way (just to remind you I am Salford in L1 following successive promotions)! Totally smashed them. I've just played my first game of the season proper away from home and was 1-10 favourites to lose and won 3-0! This time I followed the tactic usage setting for the scenario and set the mentality to Standard. When I went into the instructions to set the tempo to normal it was already there so went for it and the result speaks for itself. Quick note; because I am shooting up through the leagues I haven't bothered training the PPM's. I've just started to this season as I may have some of these players for a couple of years now so hoping it's going to get even better! I hope this goes some way to reassuring you that this tactic has some fantastic potential. I will be getting a few more games played tonight so will update when I'm finished for the night. BG
  3. Hi Franky, How's testing going? I'm holding off starting my next season to try the new version out. I'm in the ideal position having gone up to L1 in 3 straight promotions. I have poor players for the league (made no signings yet) and am still in a lower league as it is so have held off playing to test this one out as it should be better for the standard of players I have now rather than when I get into the Championship (hopefully next season.. .). I'm assuming it'll be a new thread but to be sure I haven't missed it I am continuing to post here until I get the nod! I have a good opportunity to play a decent session tonight and tomorrow so will keep checking back regularly. I'll hopefully be able to give you some useful feedback! BG
  4. Eeek! Can't wait to have a look at that then! I did wonder if the current number of TI's might be a bit much for lower league players to deal with but the results I've been getting have been as good as I could have hoped for so I've been more than happy with the current set up. I'll keep checking back and have a look at the new version before I go on because I'm still in pre-season so it's the ideal time to switch. One question I do have, how important is the hard tackling to the overall effectiveness? I end up removing it from several players each match and having to switch it to ease off to avoid a second yellow so is that reducing its effectiveness overall and would it therefore be better to be on normal from the start? I'm itching to hear your thoughts on this!
  5. I finished my season and was promoted into League 1 as champions. I am using the most up to date version of the tactic and whilst I am not smashing everyone, I'm winning games I shouldn't be.
  6. Quick update from me. Quick because I've had very little game time since my last post. I'm 27 league games into my season and am 4 points clear at the top of league 2. I cant remember how many wins and losses etc but have a goal difference of 35. 2nd place is on 19. I am nailed on favourites to go down so cant complain at that! I've got some really busy times coming up so am making slow progress but I'm hoping to be able to grab a few hours soon to push towards the end of the season. If I go up then that'll be 3 straight promotions when being favourites for relegation... Hoping I'll get a new stadium in a couple of years. If so I think the board might call it the Franky Arena! 😉
  7. I'll keep checking in with progress to help monitor the tactic. I only get to play a handful of games a night but so far so good. I'm 18 games in and top of the league by 2 points. I was favourites to go down so the tactic is performing well above expectations so far!
  8. That's the beauty of Alli. He can dominate there but if you get a run of injuries he's right there to step in. I bought Odegaard in a previous save using this tactic in its first form but was wary of buying him because of his finishing. I'd be interested to see how much that could improve given the right training focus. Also, I assume he's better suited to this version because there seems to be less onus on the SS to score as much as create. Unless I've just got a poor SS at Salford...
  9. I think Alli is the best young SS in the game but with the young talent you have bought there he could be a beast as a B2B as well. I would have him at SS by choice though.
  10. Hi Franky, It's going really well on the whole and I'm beating teams I'm supposed to have no chance against. I am struggling against teams I'm favourites to beat though. Had a couple of draws where I should be winning for example. Any thoughts? BG
  11. Hi Franky. Couldn't sleep so I checked in, just moments after you posted the above. I got out of bed and made the edits and played a few games. I'm playing as Salford , now in League 2. I wasn't having much luck with either this or Destroyer so used a 4231 based on Ghosts but moved the DM to SS as i had just bought one when i thought of it and got promoted. I started using Destroyer with your recent updates and was playing much better but was P4 W1 D1 L2. Almost fully fluid but was encouraged by performance despite early teething troubles with the scores. I played 3 with the above changes and lost 1-0 In my first game but to Crystal Palace and they needed a pen to win but then played 2 more and won comfortably. 4-0 against AFC Wimbledon and it could easily have been 6. I had 8 CCCs. Then beat Liverpool Under 23s in the cup 3-1 away! In both games I was given no chance. Early days I know but it's looking good so far with a team of poor players for the league in League 2. Thought youd like to know! BG
  12. As long as I can keep him for I've been using Giuseppe Rossi in the DLF role (passing 14, vision 15), how does he rate? What stats should I be looking for here? I've read somewhere that you posted a combined total of 28, does that apply here?
  13. Hi Franky, I got Vardy but so far not managed to get many games played. I'm specifically using the 2 DLF version because it's been so effective and every time I switch to either the current version or Destroyer I seem much less stable at the back and less convincing going forwards. The same players are bossing it with the original formation. Any ideas why? My expectation would be that the newer versions would be more effective given that the players fit the original system well and Vardy should be amazing at CF. Can it be because of lack of time using the newer formations? They are equally familiar according to my ass man.
  14. I've had a go with Destroyer and it wasn't going well. Hustler is so good anyway that I'm going to stick to that. I am hoping to sign Vardy at the end of this season (4 games left) so if I manage that I'll give Destroyer another go... Excellent work, mate. Hats off to you!
  15. Hustler with the 2 DLFs dominates but not getting much joy from the CF version. Fluidity with the tactic is high due to similarity with the original version so not sure why I'm not getting results. Should I skip it and go straight to Destroyer instead?