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  1. This classification for the leagues and the respective values is very useful. It answers some questions I've had but not asked...
  2. Your work here is done Franky! What's next? Do you get into playing long saves or are you done once you've perfected the tactics?
  3. It's probably made worse for me by low teamwork stats for my players. I'll hold back from potentially ruining my players and wait until I'm in a higher division where I can see how I get on with a higher calibre of strikers
  4. I've got a question if I may? I've seen a few times where a striker is bearing down on goal from the channels and a square ball across the box would be met by an unmarked player facing a practically open goal but he shoots instead, often into the side netting. Would the PPM of looks for the pass rather than shooting help here or totally ruin the tactic? I ask because shoot less often PI is already in place for all 3 front players.
  5. Been using this for a good few games now. I forget how many exactly but I think its an improvement on the whole. I don't think I'm going to feel the need to swap it for anything different unless a new version of Ghosts comes along, and even then I'd be very reluctant to change. If it ain't broke, don't fix it....
  6. Sorry, should've been clearer. I mean the default setting for when you are favourites at home. Mixed passing etc.
  7. First match a 4-2 away from home. Had a bit of a panic as I went 2-0 down in the first 10 minutes but dominated from there.
  8. Hi Franky, Where does this leave the tactics usage instructions for v2? I was going to post that I seem to get my beat results regardless of the opposition from the attacking set up. I concede no more goals but score more. Will load this up right now and have a crack at it though! Good day to you, sir!
  9. YESSSS Franky!!! I do love a good strikerless tactic!! How would that work? A 3 man central attacking midfielder type line-up? I'm salivating!!
  10. The write up tells you which roles are interchangeable and in what order of preference but you can use an advanced forward, of which there are plenty in the lower leagues.
  11. Franky, since I trained moves into channels for my star striker he's been pretty useless. I'd forgotten to remove it when I reverted back to hustler. Do you think it is because the PPM doesn't tally with the tactic? I also have him in the DLF role but he did the damage as an F9. Im going to revert back to this and untrain the PPM and will feed back with my findings. I seem to be struggling to get my AF (No CF's at this level) to score consistently regardless of using the DLF on the right so might as well have him scoring as an F9 rather than neither of them scoring.
  12. I think it's the switching at half time bit that I've been missing. Makes perfect sense now you spell it out, thank you. It seems that the tactic has to bed in to my brain as well as my team!
  13. So far I've found that when using shorter passing it's been very good defensively but I'm scoring 1 per game at best. If i concede then it's usually late on with little hope of a response from me. I do wonder if that is just down to the tactic needing to bed in a bit though.
  14. Thought so but wanted to check! I'll keep feeding back with results when I get a few games under my belt.
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