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  1. Managing in the VNS, I have loaned 6 long term players. I also loaned 1 short term loan. The game now says I can't loan any more players as I will breach the rules which is 6 long term loans. I should be allowed to make short term loans though, another 7 i believe
  2. Decided to give this challenge a go. Never seen it before. Loved it so much , just flown through my first season. I really wanted one of my local surrey teams but settled for Kings Lynn . Started the season terribly, used every loan, and blew my wage budget, finished the season in magnificent form and got promoted via the playoffs. A lot of fun. Got in 2 strikers who were fantastic . Ive included some screenshots which sum up the season. .
  3. I've had a brilliant game so far with Sutton, failed a couple of times so restarted and won the league and fa trophy, a challenge but not impossible by any means, so good fun. Not too much money but a couple of decent first teamers, with a couple of good freebies and loans should work well have a good game!
  4. think this happened to me and i just pressed space bar, cant remember tho, sry
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