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  1. What a great tactic. It is working instantly for me (5 games, 5 wins). I am getting close to the end of the season and it looks like a promotion. So I except to bring in a couple of new players, and therefore I could use your thoughts on what the kind of attributes the different positions require? I guess teamwork and workrate is crucial for the tactic to work and passing must be important as well but what else have you seen after playing with this formation for a whole season?
  2. I always manage teams in the lower leagues in England. It means I can't really pick the players I want but have to see whats left and especially when you get promoted a lot changes in relation to the quality of the players you can sign. In general I would like to have the team ready for the following season as soon as possible, but at the same time I also dont want to spend my entire wage budget on good players if I can get a really good player late in the transfer window. In previous versions of FM there would typically be some kind of loading proces for the coming season and after that you could see the schedule for the coming season and the new standings. I used to wait the transfers until I got to this point because it seemed like this was the moment when my status was changed and a whole new world opened up for signing players. But so far I havent really figured out when your status changes/improvisation. When do you prefer to buy new players?
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