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  1. Yes me desperately being one of these people. Ive never played FMO before but obvioulsy have played FML and FM07-11. Obviously at this stage I wont go as far as to set up my own clan/game but please if there's any that I can try and join that would be brilliant cheers Andyh60 and to you Andy H (lol)
  2. Launch of premier league Go back to 1992 when the premiership launched and teddy got the first goal in front of the cameras. re-create database and even put in todays players i.e. a 6 year old wayne rooney and basically acheive better than sir Alex at man u i.e. win 12+ prem titles, at least 3 european cups (maybe 4) etc etc. Staying incharge will be some acheivement aswell.
  3. Yep I'm more than happy to play a season or 2, just have to let me know when and who etc etc. Ill be happy to take say the 4th or 5th season so there is some decent history for the club
  4. What's up birdy? Any interest in my challenges, new one being "beat real life for 07/08" ?
  5. I posted this on the 3rd of November. 8 days before you signed up to the forums. How is my idea similar to yours? If anything your idea is similar to mine. In all niceness ofc Well I didnt see this when posting mine the other day did I but yeah of course you did yours first but hey what do you want to do?
  6. God I'm not the only one, but my idea is similar to this (see 2 season challenge thread) Come on people sign up and see who can manage the same team the best
  7. Sorry but i do want to test it but I'm doing "too well" with my current tactic etc. Won league in 3rd year just thru FA cup 3rd round tie in 4th year, 4 points top of prem and obviously in KO stages of champs league. I'll try it thru rest of FA cup run but I hope the squad dont get confused by the sudden changes?
  8. Well it's clear people like this tactic, I'm doing pretty well with Cleons sheff U one but It'll be good to try another with this leading the way I'm about to complete 3rd Season with Liverpool Won league in 1st year, champions league in 2nd year (3rd in league) and now I hope to win league in 3rd year, 10 games left and 1 point behind Man U (who I lost 4-3 recently having been 3-1 up). Cerio
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