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  1. This is how I'm playing right now. Any obvious faults? I realise the fault in the strikers being so advanced, but those two are not very keen to come deep haha. I will try another role. 4312, what effect would moving gueye into central midfield have?
  2. Currently at PSG, and like the idea of mbappe and cavani up front, with neymar in behind them, so I'm playing a 442 diamond narrow formation, with a half back. Results aren't great so far, but the main problem being neither striker dropping deep to help link play. But say I fixed that, maybe by getting firmino as cavani gets older, is there some inherently flawed with trying to play possession in a formation this narrow?
  3. Here's Mbappe last year and this year, he's not really improved either, apart from the pace, and he had a great season
  4. None of our players seem to have really gone up though, considering the season we just had
  5. Maybe a stupid question but i just opened it and looked at the city stats, Sterling with 12 finishing, no way that's his new rating?
  6. Hey guys, I live in Bonaire in the Caribbean, and i see a few sites where you can pre order fm19, like instant gaming and 2game, tell me the download codes won't work in my area. So i wanted to ask what sites some of you guys usually buy the game off, and if there's any that work all over the world?
  7. I get what you mean and i agree with you, that's usually how it goes for me. But not against Chelsea. I played the match, this time on a counter mentality with a 4-4-2, and lost 3-1. Chelsea's goals were a Hazard header, where he beat both John Stones and Matthjis de Ligt in the air, which is ridiculous, and then 2 Kante 30 yard strikes, one of which was a goal of the season volley. That screenshot is my usual tactic, not how I played this game. That tactic works fairly well for me against most other teams, but not against Chelsea, so I've tried dialing it back a bit by playing on control and having the RB on defend and marking Hazard, and I still lost because of a backpass and another Kante screamer. My point is if I can't beat them playing my usual way, or by being a little more cautious with the control tactic, or by going on the counter, then how do I approach them? I think my formation is a bad match for theirs, but I've seen other moderators here say any formation can beat any other, and people shouldn't make big changes for a match. So if i take that as true, stick with my 4-1-2-3 that works for me, where do I start with beating Chelsea away? I've tried to play them many different ways. Should I just stick with my formation, be a little less attacking, and see how it goes on the pitch from there? Even after all the different things I've tried? Thanks for the help, I know to moderators these types of questions must seem ridiculous; that the answers stay the same, just observe whats happening on the pitch. But sometimes things seem to happen that make no sense, like the Chelsea goals I described at the beginning of the post
  8. Yeah of course i'm not going to do that, just never being able to beat one team annoys me. I could try playing on the counter which to me would make sense, but then i've changed my tactic, which maybe isnt a good idea in the space of one game, I don't know. Plus it's very tight in the league so never beating chelsea doesn't help
  9. Hey guys, title pretty self explanatory really. I almost never beat them, find it very hard to exploit the flaws in their system. It's 2022, they've still got Conte playing that 3-4-3. I've tried sticking to my system before, I've tried changing it to get in behind those attacking fullbacks or use a number 10 to exploit the space in the hole. None of its worked, they close the space so fast, and they eventually find a way through me at the other end. Here's a screenshot of my usual system, which has been working well against all other teams, {though I am currently in 6th as it took me a while to balance my attacking style a bit, but i'm only 5 points off top}. How would you adapt it to play Chelsea?
  10. Hey guys, thanks for all the help, it's been very useful. So i changed my tactics a bit in line with some of your comments and suggestions, for the end of the season, and it really worked, my team started to blow the other sides away. So i kept that tactic for the new season, and now for some reason its not working like before. I'm conceding regularly to lots of teams, and not scoring like before. Anyone have any idea what might have changed? I didn't change any of the tactic or the players, it just stopped working once the new season began. Here it is anywa y
  11. Thanks guys, those comments are helping me understand a few things better. A couple of things though; "Both your "runners" are attacking the same area (IF-A + MEZ-S)." Do the CFs and Ws not count as runners? And what do you mean by "reduced the early runners (CF-A -> W-S)." And in the last paragraph there, you're saying if i want to have a CF-A, I could have 2 "late arrivers" in the hole behind him. What roles would you suggest?
  12. Hi guys, so I'm playing as man city and my tactic can beat other attacking teams that give us space, but I can't manage to get through a defensive team. or a low block. Most of my attacks end in big crosses that are easily dealt with by the defense, or shots from outside the box. I've tried to prevent these. Below I've included screenshots, "City Attacking" is more or less my usual tactic. and the copy is a variation I'm trying to make to beat defensive sides. I've read lots of articles. including Cleon's The art of attacking football. and mostly they talk about beating defensive sides by creating space, using movement, maintaining width. and not overcrowding attacking areas. I've tried to do all those things, but i'm kinda stuck. So what do you think about the tactics, or am I going about this all wrong? Thanks
  13. Had a look through your tactic, very interesting. I like the formation, but is it possible to do something similar with a 433? I like it, and it suits the players I have at Barca. Also, does roam from position work well with a structured shape? The way it's setup so you have players that move between the lines is something i tried myself in my above formation, with a CWB on the left to go past the IF, and in midfield with the CM attack going past the stiker, but i think i should try more of that, with more support mentalities like you say. What would you think about that?
  14. Well i play on counter, so a low risk mentality, with a low tempo to give the players time to pick their passes and I have shorter passing on to reduce risk further. I also have play out of defense and work ball into box to stop the players wasting it with long balls and long shots. So i guess that was my plan, to pass it out from the back in to midfield with a slow, patient build up, to a forward line that plays close to each other to offer passing options. But it hasn't worked out, i'm not sure i understand how possession football works in this years game. So i guess i gotta go read that thread, but ive read others before and its beginning to get even more confusing. Are there some keys to possession football that I should keep in mind?
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