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  1. So as it stands, I don't have a league game in 2 weeks and my games with Villa and Everton are moved into the 2nd half of the season.In the same time, some of the other teams also have blank gameweeks, including Villa and Everton just about now. I uploaded a Jakov Friscic - Chelseav2test22.fm save file on the cloud if you need to take a look
  2. Hi I uploaded the file (Jakov Friscic - Everton (v02).fm) on the cloud. This occured on 26.January and this is a save from 30. January . Just wanna say that almost 3 weeks after completing the promise he said he was happy again .
  3. He was unhappy with team talk after a game on 26.january , I kept the promise but he is still unhappy.
  4. Feel like this is a little bit too much . Jorginho is 3/6 with 19 penalty taking , 17 composure , 8 finishing. Mount now 1/5 with 15 penalty taking, 15 composure and 14 finishing. I know misses can happen but that feels a bit extreme.
  5. @radetzky Sorry for late response , but yes, default tactic, only instant result with no tweaks .
  6. It was indeed.Just finished the season, team got riddled with injuries in one period but Liverpool bottled it right at the end. I'm honestly amazed how good this tactic is away from home, incredible results.
  7. Using TeaForOneAM4321P105ALLCUPS with Bournemouth on Instant result and have to say I'm absolutely amazed with the results , lets see If I can keep it going.
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