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  1. Had to sack my Youth Development Manager as he was trying to sell all these!!! Never seen him do anything before apart from giving reports but then decides its time for a clear out!!! Had "Jandon Sancho" (think a regen) was a high potential player - Sold for $9m to start with!
  2. Look forward to trying this...... I've got the players for it.... with Brexit about to bite i need to shore up
  3. F**K Brexit. Is coming in end of second season. I also got "Hard Brexit". Currently trying to stockpile and then send people out of loan. Maybe a way around it
  4. anyone signed Titi as a coach? great stats on mine and only $1.5k a week
  5. Im going to have an overhaul at the end of the season. Changed tactics and had Icardi scoring for fun (inc an 8-0 win over Chelski) then it all fell apart with no changes! Andre Silva though is bringing me back online. Currenlty doing the same with Iwobi. Training players to the position/tactics being used R Shances is a good buy!
  6. Sanchez is declining in the second season :'( :'( Playing when he's not injured. Looks like I'll have to sell
  7. I used the Fusstigate one last night. Arsenal 8 Chelski 0 Icardi hatrick within 27 min (4-0) Andre Silva on at approx 60 min and also got 2
  8. Can't say I've done anything with him. Maybe at my WP club (ADO Den Haag) or I've forgotten. Aiming to start blending in my Loanees next season. Waiting for Jan window to try and get the best ones out to high level clubs. If he's in the list then we'll see how he's gone but with Icardi and Andre Silva I can't see him getting much time
  9. Steady. No guns blazing but had enough confidence to happily rotate with Cech (now Donnarumma). He's only 25 and was listed by Valencia so was worth the punt
  10. Long time reader. First time poster Just started my second season Currently have a settled back line of Maty Ryan (although bought Donnarumma last night) Bellerin Kos Mustafi Tierney Centre Midfield rotates between Wilshire Santi Witzel Xhaka Eleny Coq And attack is between Oscar Sanchez Iturbe (although keeps wanting to go on loan even when in the first team) Iwobi (not quite ready) Burke Lucas Moura Muinain With Icardi or Andre Silva leading the line (Giroud signed a new contract then went on loan) with Welbz backing up when required Finding Welbz is better in AML however Sanchez is more consistent. Did have Lukaku but after the first season he said i broke a promise a f***ed off Bought quite a few young guns who are spread out over Europe
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