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  1. Okay thanks. What seems to be the issue? And are the improvements only going to apply for this save or for all future fresh saves? Thanks and sorry for all the questions!
  2. Hi, I know these things takes time to look over, but please let me know of any updates as soon as you get more information in regards to why it happens as this is killing my team as I progress through the seasons not being able to develop players without them playing on the first team constantly. Much appreciated!
  3. I think I uploaded the save file to the wrong department as I just got this email.
  4. I have uploaded the Save file, and in the following example you can see that I have set a lot of my youngsters in loan but over 70% cannot be loaned out regardless of whether they're in the reserve team or the first team.
  5. Hi all, is it just me or it is extremely difficult to loan out youth players in FMM17? In FMM16 and previous years, I've never had this issue. I'm usually more active on vibe and you can remove this post if links aren't allowed, but Marc Vaughn has replied to this following post but no updates so far. Would love more information on this issue/bug and whether or not it will be hotfixed in a patch or update soon as it is destroying the most enjoyable part of managing a football team, to watch young players develop and growing attached to them when they come back from their loan spell. http://vibe.community/forums/topic/38976-unable-to-loan-out-youth-players/ Thank you!
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